25 Lucrative Side Hustles for Single Moms Who Need to Make Money Now

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Side Hustles for Single Moms

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Looking for side hustles for single moms that make real money?

I love side hustles and I think everyone should have one.

(And apparently, a lot of people agree with me — 34% of Americans have at least one side hustle and the average woman earns just over $6,000 a year from side jobs.)

Side hustles are great for lots of reasons. And there are so many ways to make money on the side whether you’re a stay at home mom, working mom or single mom.

But I especially like side hustles as a money-making option for moms who are raising kids solo.

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Why Side Hustles for Single Moms?

When I started my freelance writing side hustle what seems like forever ago, I was a newly minted stay-at-home-mom. I had my hands full with a toddler and a newborn but I was looking for a creative outlet.

So I decided to look for a way to make some money from home while still being a full-time mom.

For a while, I tinkered with being a virtual assistant. Then I realized there was something else I was better at: writing.

I found a website that would actually pay me to write for them and boom–my side hustle was born. And my hustle is now a full-time business.

The benefits of having a side hustle as a single mom include:

  • Being able to make more money so you’re not stressed about paying bills
  • Earning money on a flexible schedule so you don’t have to sacrifice time with your kids
  • Making extra cash so you can build savings or pay down debt
  • Being able to chase down your big (or small) financial goals

And since I’m all about helping other moms figure out how to make money online, I decided to put together a list of side hustles that are perfect for single moms.

Ready to start making money, mama? Then let’s dive in!

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What Are the Most Profitable Side Hustles for Single Moms?

Some side jobs for single moms are better than others. And some just aren’t a good fit for a busy single mama with kids to raise and a full-time job.

So in making this list of side hustles for single moms, I focused on two things:

  • The amount of time they require you to put in
  • How much money they have the potential to generate

Why those two things? Two reasons.

First, time is something you don’t always have a lot of as a single mom. Especially if you’re working a full-time job outside the home.

If you’re a single mom whose kids are with you more or less 24/7 (like mine are), then side hustling usually takes a back seat to working, taking care of kids, taking care of the house and (hopefully) taking care of yourself too.

That brings me to the second part, which is profit potential.

If you have a limited amount of time to pour into a side hustle as a single mom it needs to be worth it financially, right?

So, these side hustles are ones single moms can do in their spare time. And they’re ones that can pay off in a big way.

1. Freelance writing

Of course, I’m going to put freelance writing at the top of the list of best side hustles for single moms!

Because I really believe it’s one of THE best ways for single moms (and not-so-single moms) to earn big.

So what do you need to be a freelance writer? First, let me tell you what you don’t need: a fancy degree in journalism, English or creative writing.

Do you know what my degrees are in? Political science and criminal justice.

Do I write about those things as a freelancer? Nope.

So if you’re a single mom who’s thinking that freelance writing isn’t for you because you don’t have any writing experience, I can tell you that’s definitely not the case.

Here’s what you do need:

  • A niche, or a specific topic you have a sustained interest in
  • Basic writing skills (or a willingness to learn them)
  • A starter portfolio that has some samples of your writing
  • A good laptop and decent internet
  • Determination, patience and a little confidence

If you’ve got those things, you can tackle the next step: looking for freelance writing jobs. To learn more, head over to my other blog and sign up for the FREE course to become a freelance writer!

2. Blogging

So let me first say that blogging isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme for the most part.

But it can be one of the most profitable side hustles for single moms if you’re able to start a money-making blog.

I started blogging here regularly in April 2019 making nothing. But I’m now making a few hundred thousand dollars a month and that income is growing all the time.

Blogging is a great side hustle for single moms who love to write and want a creative way to make money. Though some parts of it hard, a lot of it is really fun!

And you can connect with other amazing single mom and mom bloggers like Heather at Single Mom Bloggers or Becky at Mom Beach.

It’s like having your own mom blogging community. Plus, you can also get to know other bloggers by joining Facebook groups for blogging.

If you want to start a blog as a side hustle, I wrote an in-depth guide to blogging for money that can help.

Or if you’re ready to jump in with both feet, head on over to Siteground to purchase hosting and a domain name!

3. Virtual assistant

Being a virtual assistant comes in third on the list of side hustles for single moms because they’re in such high demand these days.

make money transcribing

When I worked as a virtual assistant, I made $10 an hour working a few hours a week. I spent most of my time doing things like creating flyers, formatting newsletters and writing email sequences.

These days, the average virtual assistant makes around $20 an hour. That’s around $40,000 a year.

Some VAs out there are making $10K or more every month. There’s a whole laundry list of virtual assistant services single moms can offer to make money.

For example, you could:

  • Specialize in Pinterest management
  • Handle social media or blog management
  • Be a VA for real estate agents or brokers
  • Offer digital marketing services
  • Be a virtual administrative assistant

That’s the great thing about starting a VA side hustle–you can tailor the services you offer to fit what you’re good at.

If you don’t know where to start with being a VA, Gina at Horkey Handbook is your girl. She has an awesome course on how to launch a VA business in 30 days or less.

And if you’re not ready to buy into training to become a VA yet, head over to this guide to learn more about making money as a virtual assistant:

How to Start a Virtual Assistant Business When You Have Zero Experience

4. Proofreading

Want to get paid to read?

Sounds great, right? That’s what you can do as an online proofreader.

Proofreading is a side hustle for single moms that’s extremely flexible. You can work a few hours a week, or more if you’ve got the time.

And you can make a pretty decent amount of cash doing it, too. According to ZipRecruiter, the average proofreader makes over $51,000 a year, how’s that!

Being a proofreader means having a great eye for detail but again, it’s not something you need a fancy degree to be good at.

You just need to know the basics of capitalization, punctuation, spelling and grammar.

General proofreaders get paid to proof blog posts, articles and books for errors; transcript proofreading is a bit more technical. The upside of being a transcript proofreader, however, is that it tends to pay more than general proofreading.

There are tons of courses you can take online to learn to proofread. If you’re looking for one to try, I recommend checking out Caitlin Pyle’s free workshop. She walks you through the basics of starting a freelance proofreading hustle from home.

Plus, you can also check out this in-depth guide I wrote on how to get paid to proofread!

5. Online transcription jobs – get paid to type

If you’d rather type than read, then becoming an online transcriptionist might be your thing.

hands on a laptop

According to ZipRecruiter, you could pick up $45,000 a year on average with online transcription jobs.

That’s pretty sweet! And you don’t need a lot of money or extensive training to get started as an online transcriptionist.

If you don’t know where to start, I’ve got two things you’ll want to check out.

The first is this detailed guide I wrote to making money transcribing. And the second is another great freebie!

It’s a free webinar on how to make money transcribing from Transcribe Anywhere. This mini-course costs nothing and it takes you through the basics of how to get paid to type online.

Sign up for the free webinar now!

6. Graphic design

I love art and anything that’s visually appealing — like a great-looking Pinterest pin, for example — but design is definitely NOT my thing.

But the opposite might be true for you. And if it is, that could be a great jumping-off-point for launching a side hustle as a graphic designer.

How you choose to put those skills to work is totally up to you. For example, you could:

  • Design logos, freebie templates or Pinterest templates for bloggers
  • Offer website design services
  • Design and well WordPress themes
  • Start a t-shirt business
  • Sell digital products, like planners or printables
  • Offer graphic design consulting services

As far as finding work goes, you can try a freelance marketplace like Fiverr or Upwork.

But don’t overlook the possibilities of starting a blog about graphic design or looking for gigs on job boards that cater to freelancers.

Some of my favorites include Virtual Vocations and We Work Remotely. The wider you cast the net, the more leads you’re likely to turn up for work.

7. Tutoring

Tutoring is one of the best side hustles for single moms who are good at helping others learn and have a HUGE does of patience.

mom and daughter on a laptop

You know what I’m talking about.

If you’re a single mom or any mom for that matter who’s helped their kids with their homework lately, you know what a hair-pulling experience that can be. To quote Bob Parr from The Incredibles, “Why would they change math? Math is math!”

But if you’ve got a knack for guiding your kids through tricky math problems or anything else school-related, tutoring might be one of the best side hustles for single moms to try.

There are two ways to tutor: online or in-person. For single moms, online usually offers the most flexibility.

You can pick which subjects you want to tutor students in, set your own hours and choose your rates. As side hustles for single moms go, tutoring is pretty low-hassle, low-stress.

If you need a nudge on where to find tutoring jobs, check out these websites to get started:

Most of these sites are geared toward entry-level tutors. Make sure you read the fine print, though, so you know what qualifications are needed to offer services through the site.

8. Teach online at Outschool

Outschool is one of our favorite homeschooling resources. It’s an online site where kids can take classes alongside other kids from around the world.

The teachers come from all different backgrounds–there are certified teachers, homeschooling parents, professional authors and artists and plenty of parents who have a passion for a particular subject or topic.

If that sounds good to you, then teaching courses at Outschool belongs on your list of side hustles for single moms. You set your prices, choose the curriculum and create the class schedule.

Classes can be taught live or pre-recorded so kids can enroll and follow along at their own pace. Based on some of the classes my kids have taken, teaching on Outschool can be profitable.

You can read my full guide to teaching with Outschool here.

And if you have a love of learning you’d like to share, sign up to teach on Outschool now!

9. Create and sell online courses for adults

We all have something we know a lot about, either because we went to school for it or it’s what we do for a living or it’s a favorite hobby.

I’m a huge history nerd, for example. Other people read novels; I read history books and biographies.

You might have something you’re just as interested in or passionate about. And you can channel it into a side hustle by creating and selling courses online.

There are three main platforms you can use to create and sell courses: Udemy, Teachable and Thinkific.

All three work along the same lines: you create a course, then list it on the platform at the price you want to charge. Students sign up for your course and you get paid.

It’s free to set up a course through Udemy and Thinkific. Free access gets you the basic features you need to get your course up and running.

But if you want to eventually offer multiple courses, you can upgrade to higher account tier for a fee.

Teachable doesn’t have a free sign up option; the basic plan is $29/month. The upside is that you can create unlimited courses that support unlimited students at that price.

10. Online bookkeeping

Are you good with numbers?

Becoming an online bookkeeper is one of my favorite side hustles for single moms who like number-crunching.

You can work on your own time and set your schedule.

The money-making potential is great and you could easily make around $50,000 a year.

Plus, this is an online side job that has low startup costs.

If you’re interested in starting an online bookkeeping side hustle, here’s something you’ll find useful.

It’s a free intro mini course to building a profitable online bookkeeping business.

Sign up to learn the basics of making money online as a bookkeeper!

woman pointing to a laptop

11. Selling on Etsy

If you’re a single mom with a crafty side, you could easily make money selling on Etsy.

It’s easy to set up a shop and sell your homemade crafts or artwork. My daughter and I buy stuff off Etsy all the time and I’m always amazed at how creative some people are.

If you’re not sure what to make and sell or how much to charge, spend some time browsing Etsy to see what’s popular.

You can use that as your guide for what to include in your shop.

12. Fulfillment by Amazon

If you’ve ever sold anything on eBay or Etsy, using fulfillment by Amazon to sell may not be much of a leap as far as side hustles for single moms go.

The idea is simple: you buy items at discounted prices, then resell them through the Amazon marketplace.

Next time you’re shopping on the site, check out the buying options. If you see one that says “Available from third-party sellers”, odds are that’s a Fulfillment by Amazon seller.

The Selling Family is making a healthy income with FBA — you can read more about how they do it in this in-depth post.

One thing that makes this idea different from some of the other side hustles mentioned here is that you’ll need some cash to buy your first products to sell.

Starting a freelance writing or virtual assistant hustle, on the other hand, are things you can do with just an internet connection and a computer. So, if you’re considering FBA, think about how much cash you’ll need up front to get started.

13. Blog flipping

Blog flipping can be one of the more lucrative side hustles for single moms if you don’t have time to actually start a blog yourself.

Flipping blogs is kind of like flipping houses. You buy a domain at a discount, then resell it at a profit.

It sounds simple enough. But there’s something of an art to it.

Because you have to be able to spot those domains that have the best potential resale value. And you’re not just buying them, you sometimes have to spruce them up a little. That might mean:

  • Adding plugins
  • Installing a new theme
  • Adding some content
  • Promoting the site on social media or flipping marketplaces

So there’s some work that goes into it if you want to be successful. It can be a real money-maker, though.

Jenn Leach makes thousands of dollars a year flipping blogs part-time. Alexis at FITnancials posted a great interview with Jenn about how she makes her money-making strategy work.

14. Write and sell eBooks

Are you great at writing?

Selling ebooks could be an easy money-maker!

Writing and selling ebooks can be a great side hustle choice for single moms because it’s something you can do in your spare time. An ebook doesn’t necessarily have to be long to sell well either.

It just needs to be well-written, cover a topic that people want to read about and be formatted properly.

Hubspot has a great how-to guide on creating ebooks. If you’re not sure what to write about, ask yourself four questions:

  • What topics are you most knowledgeable about?
  • Which problems can you solve?
  • Are there people out there who would want this knowledge or have those problems?
  • And most importantly, would they pay for it?

If you can work out the answers to those questions, the actual writing of an ebook becomes a lot less intimidating.

From there, you can figure out where you want to sell your ebook.

Amazon is an obvious choice but Blurb, Payhip and Selz are other options. Just take a sec to read the fine print on the fees different platforms charge so you know what you’re paying to host your ebook on their site.

15. Sell stock photographs

I love, love, love stock photographs. Like I could literally just look at them all day and appreciate how pretty they are.

woman taking stock photos

Because remember what I said earlier about design? I can admire something that’s visually appealing but I have a tough time creating it myself.

Stock photos can be a wildly profitable side hustle for single moms if you know your way around a camera. You can sell your photos online through a stock photo marketplace or set up your own blog and website.

To see what I mean check out these stock photo queens who are killing with their sites:

Their sites are beautiful, as are their stock photos and that’s why people are willing to pay their membership fees to use them.

If you want to do the same thing you could start a blog, snap some photos and start selling!

Or you can try selling your stock photos on sites like SmugMug and Shutterstock to make easy money.

16. Pet and baby-sitting

So far, all of the side hustles for single moms I’ve talked about are ones you can do online. As a single mom who homeschools, I couldn’t imagine earning an income any other way.

But if you’re looking for an offline side hustle option, pet and/or babysitting could be right up your alley.

With pet-sitting, you could host pets in your home or offer a check-in service that allows pets to stay in their homes while their owners away. The same goes for babysitting.

You can advertise your services as a sitter locally but there are plenty of online platforms you can use to grow your hustle.

Rover, for example, lets you start and manage your pet-sitting business right from your mobile phone.

And Sittercity lets you do the same thing if you’d rather sit for human clients instead of the four-legged variety.

17. Get paid to lose weight

get paid to lose weight

Looking at this picture I won’t lie. I’m choosing that donut every time.

(Being a single mom is stressful, okay. Sometimes you need a donut.)

But if you’ve got more willpower than me then one of the easiest side hustles for single moms has to be getting paid to lose weight.

Yep, you heard me. There are actually apps that will pay you to lose weight and get healthy.

The one I tell everyone about is HealthyWage because I just love the concept.

Here’s how it works. You set up a wager for how much weight you want to lose. And if you meet your goal, you get cash in your pocket!

That’s great, right? If you have a few extra pounds you want to lose sign up now to create your first HealthyWager!

18. Become an online stylist

I have zero sense about fashion and style sadly. But if you’re the exact opposite the you could make tons of money as an online stylist.

There are even companies that will help you get your stylist business set up hassle-free.

Stella & Dot, for example, gives you your own storefront to sell from. And I love this company because it’s run by women, for women.

They make it super easy to make money as a stylist and supplement your income. Which is great if you’re a single mom who’s struggling to pay the bills.

Head here to learn more about becoming a Stella & Dot ambassador!

19. Make money selling stuff

Got stuff lying around the house you don’t need?

You could easily turn that into cash by selling it. And you could just as easily make money by reselling things other people throw away.

I have a friend who used to make easy money this way. She and her husband would look for curb alerts, pick up the items, then resell them on Facebook or Craigslist.

It’s a simple way to make extra cash in your spare time. If you need a few app suggestions for where to sell your stuff online, check out:

Here are 40+ ideas for things you can sell to make money right now!

And if you’re not sure how to get started with flipping things for cash, check out this free intro course from Flea Market Flipper!

20. Invest your spare change

Investing can be another easy way to make money for single moms and you don’t have to be a money expert to do it.

This is one of my favorite passive side hustles for single moms since you really don’t have to be hands-on to make money.

Passive investing means you invest your money in mutual funds or index funds. As those funds grow in value, you earn money on what you invested.

There’s a super simple way to start investing for single moms or anyone. It’s an app called Acorns.

Acorns links to your bank account and tracks your purchases. As you spend money, Acorns rounds up the purchases and invests the difference in low-cost mutual funds.

It’s that simple to make extra money. And if you’re not stashing anything away for the future yet, it’s an easy way to start building a nest egg.

Sign up for Acorns now and get $5 to start investing!

21. Make extra cash when you shop

Cashback apps are one of the easiest ways to make money in my opinion.

After all, you’re getting paid to buy things you were going to buy anyway!

You could easily earn a few hundred dollars a year this way or even more if you shop frequently.

If you need some cash back apps to try, here are a few of my faves:


Rakuten pays you cash when you shop thousands of partner merchants. Depending on the deal, you can earn anywhere from 2% to 12% back!

You can use Rakuten to shop online or in-stores. Just make sure to compare deals, since sometimes you can get a better cashback rate by shopping one instead of the other.

Sign up for Rakuten now to earn $10 in cash back on your first purchase!


The Ibotta app is great for grocery shopping but the app also pays you cash back at places other than supermarkets.

You can use Ibotta to earn cash back at a slew of clothing stores and specialty stores. And if you sign up now you can earn $20 in cash bonuses!


Dosh is another great cashback app for earning money back on travel, dining and shopping.

You create your Dosh account and link your debit card. As you spend with your card, Dosh pays you cash back automatically on qualifying purchases.

It’s super simple so sign up now to start earning cash back with Dosh!

22. Get paid for taking surveys

No list of easy side hustles for single moms would be complete without mentioning surveys.

Will taking surveys make you rich? Probably not.

But they can put some extra money in your pocket when you really need it.

If you need some awesome survey site recommendations for making money, give these a try:

You can try one of them or all of them!

Survey sites a fun way to make money in just a few minutes here and there each day.

23. Teach kids yoga online

Yoga can be a great way for single moms to relax after a tough day. But you could also turn your love of yoga into a money-making side hustle.

With Pretzel Kids yoga teacher training, you can get certified to teach kids yoga online. And in less time than it would take to get a yoga certification elsewhere.

Pretzel Kids yoga teachers make $50 an hour or more leading kids yoga classes from home. I know the mom who runs this company and I absolutely love that she’s created a business that allows other moms to earn money while pursuing their passions for yoga.

Learn more about Pretzel Kids and how to make money teaching yoga to kids!

24. Rent out your stuff

Aside from selling things you don’t need, you could rent them out to turn a profit.

With Turo, for example, you can rent out your car to drivers who need a temporary set of wheels.

And Airbnb is something you might consider if you’re comfortable opening up your home to temporary guests.

You can also make extra money as a single mom with BabyQuip.

BabyQuip is a baby equipment rental service. You list your baby gear on the site and parents can rent it out.

This is an easy way to make money with minimal effort. And it solves the problem of what to do with your baby equipment once your kids grow out of it.

25. Sell printables

Printables have the potential to be one of the best-paying side hustles for single moms.

Don’t believe me?

Single mom Sarah Titus makes millions from selling printables in her Shopify store. She’s one of my single mom side hustler inspirations.

If you want to make and sell printables for cash, you’ll:

  • Software to design them (I use Canva to make the printables I sell in my store)
  • Someplace to sell them

There are lots of places to sell printables online.

You can set up a Shopify store or sell them on Etsy. Or you can try a free or low-cost service like Payhip or SendOwl.

Teachers Pay Teachers is another option if you’re selling educational printables. And of course, you can set up your own blog to sell printables.

Side Hustles for Single Moms: Books to Read


high paying side hustles for single moms

Which side hustles for single moms are you most interested in?

Side hustles are awesome, especially if you’re a single mom trying to make some extra money while working full-time.

I can’t imagine where I’d be now if I hadn’t started my freelancing side hustle all those years ago.

So if you’re thinking of starting a side hustle of your own, I highly encourage you to go for it!

If you’ve got a great idea for side hustles for single moms or you’re a single mom who’s working a successful side gig, head to the comments and tell me about it.

And don’t leave without your free Side Hustle Starter Kit!

Best Side Hustles for Single Moms

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