55 Amazing Gifts for Working Moms (Best Working Mom Gift Ideas!)

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Are you looking for some unique gifts for working moms?

The best gift ideas for a busy working mom are either practical, thoughtful, functional, or all three. When considering what gift to give a working mother, consider what could make their life easier (or at least a little more pleasant) after a long day of work.

After all, the best gifts for working moms (or anyone else) come from the heart. A busy mom is always sure to appreciate something that she’ll definitely use or might want but not buy for herself. (And if you’re a busy working mom yourself, you might already have a few ideas for your gift wish list.)

Whether you’re shopping for a holiday gift, birthday gifts, Mother’s Day or any other special occasion, we’ve got you covered. Today’s post is packed with some of the best gift ideas for a busy mama, including:

  • Gifts for busy working moms who work from home

  • Practical gifts for busy moms who work

  • Self care gift ideas for moms who need to unwind at the end of the day

  • Useful gifts for a mama who works

  • A few “just for fun” gift ideas that can put a smile on a working mom’s face every day

Ready to find the perfect gift for the working mom in your life? Let’s dive in!

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Gifts for Working Moms Who Work at Home

Living the work-at-home mom life means you can have more flexibility and time with your kids. And if you have a mom friend who’s also a work-at-home mom boss, there are plenty of valuable gifts she’ll probably love to have.

And you don’t necessarily have to pay a high price for them either. A simple, practical gift idea that doesn’t cost a lot can make a bigger impact than a gift with a higher price tag if it helps a busy mama save time, stress, money or all three.

With that in mind, here are some of the best gifts for a busy mom who works from home.

1. Happy Light

Sitting inside behind a laptop screen all day can be mentally draining. The Happy Light is designed to deliver healing light therapy to moms while they work.

By sending out UV-free LED light, the Happy Light can help to improve mood, focus and energy. The holiday season is an excellent time for this gift if you know a working mom with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). But you can give it any other time as well.

2. Blue light blocker glasses

Blue light can harm your vision and keep you up at night. Blue light blocker glasses are a reasonably priced gift you can give to a working mom who wants to protect her eyes while getting things done at her desk.

3. Ember mug

There’s nothing worse than having your coffee go cold while trying to get your work done. If you know a coffee fanatic mom who would love for their drinks to stay warm, a mug makes an excellent gift.

The Ember Mug is a smart mug that includes temperate control so your coffee (or tea) is always at the perfect level of heat. You can choose from the at-home version or a travel mug to keep drinks warm away from home.

4. Single-serve coffee or espresso maker

Being a busy work-at-home mama means you don’t always have time to get up and go to the kitchen for a fresh cup of coffee. 

This Keurig mini coffee maker is compact enough to sit on your desk or a nearby bookshelf in your home office. And it delivers hot coffee anytime you need a little boost of caffeine during the busy working day.

5. Smart alarm clock

Creating a solid nighttime routine can improve sleep and make smoother mornings as a work-at-home mom. A quality alarm clock can make a difference to the quality of your sleep and how rested you feel in the morning. It’s also a great gift for mom returning to work after having a baby.

Hatch Restore is part sound machine, part reading light, part smart alarm clock to help you get to bed and wake up on time. It’s the perfect gift for moms who struggle to get into a sleep routine at the end of the day.

6. Ring light

Work-at-home moms who record videos for YouTube or streaming know that good lighting is a must.

This ring light kit is an ideal gift for working moms who would love to always look their best while they’re on camera.

7. Standing desk

Sitting for long periods has been scientifically proven to be bad for your health. That can be especially true if you’re a pregnant woman trying to work from home or a busy mama with circulatory issues.

Investing in a standing desk can help the working mom in your life keep the blood flowing, improving circulatory health and potentially boosting productivity. That’s a great way for a busy mom to get in a little self care while working.

8. Throw blankets

Throw blankets and pillows perfect for making a home office feel cozy and they can be inexpensive gifts for working moms.

These cashmere throw blankets come with a little extra cost compared to other options but they’re an amazing way to gift a working mom something a little luxurious. And if you know a mom who would love one then the added price is worth it to get her a great gift.

9. Slippers

Working from home means you don’t have to wear your feet down in high heels all day, but you may not relish the idea of walking on cold floors either (or stepping on a stray Lego).

These cozy, comfy slippers can protect a working mom’s feet while handling work tasks or simply cleaning up the kitchen after lunch.

10. Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot can be a work-at-home mom’s best friend for keeping track of work tasks, appointments or even grocery shopping lists.

The Echo Dot can also help moms to be more productive and focused if they enjoy streaming music while they work, which is a fun way to boost productivity.

11. Frixion pens

No work at home office is complete without some reliable pens. 

These Frixion gel pens are perfect for taking notes, jotting down ideas or keeping track of important dates in your mom planner. And since they’re inexpensive gifts for working moms you can pick up a pack or two for every busy mama you know.

12. Essential oil diffuser

An essential oil diffuser can add a mellow touch to a home office work environment. Creating some soothing smells can help working moms feel less stressed throughout the day.

This essential oil set comes complete with an eye-catching diffuser and plenty of essential oils to sample. It’s another simple way to help a busy mom infuse some self care into their day.

13. Noise-canceling headphones

Noise-canceling headphones can be a godsend for a work-at-home mom trying to listen to a podcast, Zoom meeting, or other recordings without getting distracted by background noise.

These Bose QuietControl noise-canceling headphones work with Alexa voice control and they look great too, so they’re excellent mom gifts for women who need to stay focused.

14. Live plant

Live plants make great gifts for working moms who need to brighten up their home office or workspace. 

The best live plants for busy moms don’t need much maintenance–think succulents or air plants. And if you want to encourage a working mama to get outside once in a while you could swap out the plans for some gardening gifts for moms instead.

Gifts for Working Moms Who Are Always on the Go

Know a working mom who never seems to stop moving? Between working, taking care of the home, picking up dinner and doing everything else we moms manage, life gets hectic.

Here are some of the best mom gifts for someone who’s always busy.

15. Apple watch

Apple Watch is a perfect gift for working moms who want to be able to do lots of things with one compact device.

With Apple Watch, working moms can:

  • Record voice memos

  • Track their steps

  • Track their cycles

  • Answer calls

  • Listen to podcasts

  • Get directions

  • Pay with Apple Pay

That’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Consider an Apple Watch if you’re looking for a gift for working moms that’s highly functional and looks great. The price is a little bit higher but this could be a great gift idea to help a mom stay organized.

16. Air pods

AirPods are incredible gifts for working moms who need to be able to stay connected to work on the go.

They offer excellent sound quality, which is perfect for phone meetings and busy moms can also use them to enjoy an audiobook or podcast while commuting or on their lunch break. (And don’t forget a super cute Airpods case!)

17. Weekly planner

A weekly planner is something many working moms rely on to stay organized and get things done.

I love the GoGirl Planners for goal-setting and staying organized. And Erin Condren planners are also highly useful for keeping track of important tasks, appointments and errands.

18. Portable chargers

Portable chargers can be a lifesaver for a working mom who needs to stay connected via her smartphone, laptop or tablet.

I personally use these portable chargers by Anker and love how reliable they are for keeping my devices charged at all times.

19. Reusable water bottle

A reusable water bottle is a must-have gift for working moms who need to stay hydrated on the go. This stainless steel water bottle is a stylish and affordable gift idea for a working mom.

20. Tile

Being a busy working mom on the go means you don’t always have time to hunt down car keys, phone chargers or anything else you might need to get out the door.

Tile saves you the trouble of having to chase after things by finding them for you. You can sync Tile with your smartphone to instantly locate lost items.

21. Rocketbook

Rocketbook is a smart, reusable notebook and a genius gift for working moms or anyone else who needs a simple way to take notes on the move.

Working moms can jot down notes in Rocketbook, then send them to Google Docs, Evernote, Dropbox, Slack and email in a snap. It’s simple, convenient and saves you from tracking down scraps of paper.

22. Leather tote

A good tote is essential for carrying a laptop, wallet, keys, smartphone and anything else a working mom might need to get through the day.

These leather totes are sturdy, roomy and best of all, fashionable. So a working mom could swap them out for their standard diaper bag and still look great on the go, even with kids in tow.

23. Mini moisturizer kit

Working moms who don’t have time for regular facials or spa days can still preserve their skincare routine with this mini moisturizer kit in a box.

It includes everything a mom needs to freshen up on her lunch break or before an after-work meeting with colleagues.

24. Laptop lap desk

Lap desks make great gifts for working moms who frequently need to pull out their laptops when away from the office. 

This bamboo version fits up to a 15.6 inch laptop and it even has room for your mouse and smartphone.

25. Laptop backpack

Laptop backpacks can help keep a working mom’s laptop and devices safe when she’s out of the office.

This laptop backpack comes with anti-theft protection built-in and USB charging ports.

26. USB hub adapter

A USB hub adapter is a smart and simple gift for working moms who need to connect multiple devices in one place. Once you’re done using it, you can disconnect your devices and then stash your hub adapter in your laptop backpack or tote.

27. High heel pads

Being a working mom on the go can mean wearing high heels all day, which can take a serious toll on your feet.

These high heel pads are a thoughtful and helpful gift if you know a mom whose feet could use some comfort.

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Practical Gifts for Working Moms

Some gifts are designed to make a working mom’s life easier and less stressful. If you want to give a gift that will help a busy mama save time or energy, any of these gift options could be an excellent idea.

28. Dyson stick vacuum

The Dyson stick vacuum is my favorite thing ever, as it makes vacuuming up pet hair a breeze. These vacuums make excellent gifts for a mom who wants to keep her house clean.

29. Robotic vacuum

If you know who’s always fighting a battle with a dusty house, then a robot vacuum could be the perfect gift. 

Roomba is a popular brand, though you may want to look at all of the options to find a robotic vacuum that fits a working mom’s home layout and your gift budget, as the price for some models can be higher.

30. Air fryer

An air fryer is one of several cool things you can give a working mom who’s into kitchen gadgets.

With an air fryer, busy moms can pop in their ingredients, press a couple of buttons then free up time to do something else while breakfast, lunch or dinner cooks. That can help them add back tons of time to their busy day.

31. Instant Pot

Instant Pot is always on the list of best gifts for working moms because it’s so versatile and can be used to make so many different foods. You can find lots of different models at different price points to choose from.

It’s a fun upgrade from the usual slow cooker or crockpot. And there are a ton of time-saving Instant Pot recipes for busy moms that are designed to feed any family’s appetite.

32. Thawing block

A thawing block is one of the best practical gifts for working moms who need to get dinner on the table fast. This thawing block helps to defrost frozen foods faster which is perfect for the time-pressed mom. And the price is perfect if you’re buying gifts for a mom on a budget.

33. Blue Apron subscription

Keeping home life running smoothly means making sure your family eats a good, healthy dinner each night. But when you’re a working mom who’s short on time, creating a full meal isn’t always doable.

That’s where dinner delivery subscription services like Blue Apron come in. Blue Apron delivers everything you need to make a delicious dinner to your door. A Blue Apron e-gift card is a useful gift for any working mom who needs to save time in the kitchen.

34. Presentation remote

Working moms who regularly give presentations will love this presentation remote

It makes it easy to scroll through PowerPoint or Google Slides and keep the meeting moving along smoothly, without having to hover over your laptop.

35. Insulated lunch bag

Taking lunch to work can be a smart money-saving move for a working mom who might be trying to pay off credit cards or reach other financial goals.

This insulated lunch bag is chic, stylish and offers plenty of room for your lunch and other essentials. Plus, it’s high quality and made to last.

36. Breast pump bag

Being a new mom who also works outside the home can be stressful, especially if you’re breastfeeding. 

This breast pump bag makes it easy to pump on the go and keeps milk supplies cool. It even includes a USB charging port for added convenience.

Self Care Gifts for Working Moms

Know a working mom who could use some TLC? Working means self care doesn’t always take priority, which can quickly lead to mom burnout.

Here are the best self-care gifts for working moms who want to look and feel their best. 

37. Revlon one-step hair dryer

Every working mom wants to look pulled together, even if she’s just working in her home office for the day. 

This Revlon one-step hair dryer and volumizer can keep mom’s hair looking fabulous and cut down the time spent getting ready for work each day.

38. Foot massager

A good foot massage is a must at the end of a long working day. This foot massager is designed to increase blood flow and circulation and soothe a working mom’s tired tootsies.

39. Bath bombs

Bath bombs can make a soak in the tub even more relaxing and there are so many different kinds to choose from. I love these bath bomb options for moms who need to unwind.

(And if you know a busy working mom who doesn’t have much time to enjoy a bath you can try these shower steamers instead.)

40. Health and beauty subscription box

A subscription box can be a fun gift for any working mom who needs a little pampering from time to time.

Subscription boxes usually include a collection of items designed to help busy mamas treat themselves, including skincare products, aromatherapy products and other tools to destress.

Here are some of my favorite subscription box gifts for working moms:

41. Aromatherapy oils

The right scents can create a soothing, calming effect, something many busy working moms can appreciate. 

You can check out different oil collections to find the perfect aromas, including this positive affirmations set.

42. Eye mask

The last thing working moms have time for is to be run down by a migraine or eye strain. 

This lavender eye mask is weighted for relaxation and designed to help banish migraines and dry eyes so you can relax and destress. It can also help tired moms enjoy a good night’s sleep.

43. Skin therapy wand

Maintaining a good skincare regime as a working mom is no easy task. 

This skincare wand therapy set from NuDerma is designed for busy moms who need a little bit of pampering now and then to keep their skin glowing and healthy.

44. Stress balls

Stress balls are a fun and simple gift for working moms who live hectic lives. 

These stress balls from MindPanda are therapeutic and have some inspiring messages written on them as a gentle reminder for busy mamas to take care of themselves.

45. Neck massager

A neck massager is a great idea for working moms who don’t have time to get to a spa. 

This neck massager could be a great Christmas gift or any time gift for a working mom who needs to recharge a little in-between meetings or Zoom calls.

46. Wine glass

If you know a working mom who enjoys a good glass of wine now and then, a wine glass and a bottle of good wine are great options for gifts. 

And if you want a gift that keeps on giving, you could sign up a working mom you know for a wine of the month subscription box.

47. Face mask

Taking care of your skin is important but but moms don’t always have time to go for a facial. These facial masks are nourishing and rejuvenating to give a busy mom’s skin a healthy glow.

More Thoughtful Gifts for Working Moms

Looking for some unique gifts to show a working mom you care? Here are a few more ideas to round out this working mom gift guide.

48. Digital photo frame

Digital photo frames make lovely gifts for working moms who need a visual reminder of the ones they love most. You can make the gift extra special by adding mom’s favorite photos of kids, family and friends beforehand.

49. Gratitude journal

A gratitude journal makes a great gift for working moms who need to re-enter at the end of a long workday. 

This gratitude journal is a perfect gift for any mom or mother figure in your life who’s interested in mindfulness.

50. Organic tea

A good cup of hot tea can help you to wash away the day’s troubles. This organic tea set can help tired, overworked moms refresh and unwind once the working day is done.

51. Audible subscription

A good book is always a great gift idea for a working mom who loves to read. If you know a working mama who doesn’t have much time to read because life is so busy, you can give them an Audible subscription instead.

With Audible, busy moms can listen to audiobooks in the car during their daily commute, while waiting in the pickup line at school or any other time they have a free moment. This is an easy gift for a working mom that’s sure to be appreciated.

52. Amazon Prime subscription

An Amazon Prime subscription is a thoughtful gift for moms who want to unwind with their favorite movies or shows or enjoy free shipping on Amazon purchases. 

The best thing about an Amazon Prime gift subscription is that it’s a gift working moms can enjoy at any time, especially at the end of a long work day.

53. Amazon gift card

Sometimes, finding meaningful gifts for working moms proves challenging if you don’t know a busy mama’s likes or dislikes. 

In that case, an Amazon gift card could be an easy way to show your appreciation while allowing a working mom to pick out a nice gift for themselves.

54. Starbucks gift card

Coffee-loving working moms are sure to appreciate a Starbucks gift card. Any time can be the perfect time for this gift, whether you’re looking for the best Mothers Day gifts or epic gifts for birthdays or Christmas.

If you don’t have time to get to your local Starbucks to snag a gift card, you can purchase them online at Amazon.com.

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55. Give the gift of time

If there’s one gift every working mom can use, it’s more time. So giving a working mom a break by offering to watch her kids, do some chores or run errands for her can be an ideal gift.

This doesn’t cost a whole lot in terms of money; in fact, it’s free. And it can be a priceless gift for working mothers who constantly feel frazzled by all the things they have to do

best gifts for working moms featured image
Best Gifts for Working Moms

Best Gifts for Working Moms FAQs

What to get a mom who works a lot?

Some of the best things to get a mom who works a lot include things they’re likely to use or things they might not have time to shop for themselves. A self-care subscription box, gift certificate to their favorite store or anything that makes life easier for them could all be terrific gifts.

What do you buy a busy mother?

Buying gifts for a busy mother isn’t always easy but you can start by thinking about things they might love, or at least like to have. For example, if you know a mom who wishes she had more time to read then she’ll probably love an Audible subscription or a Kindle Fire so she can take books with her on the go.

What to get moms who like to cook?

Some of the best gifts to buy moms who like to cook include kitchen gadgets, like an Instant Pot or Ninja Foodi, a food delivery subscription box, a gift card to their favorite gourmet food shop or grocery store and cookbooks from their favorite chefs.

Final thoughts on the best gifts for working moms

Hopefully, this list of gifts has given you some ideas for what to give a working mom when a special occasion rolls around. And if you’re a working mother yourself, you should have lots of unique gift ideas to share with family members and friends the next time they ask what you’d love to have.

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