How to Make $10000 a Month (10 Legitimate Ways)

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How to Make $10000 a Month

Would you like to know how to make $10000 a month or more? 

Making a 6 figure income can completely change your life. And it’s even better when you can find ways to make extra money from home online.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average job pays $5,555 a month.

While that’s certainly not chump change, it’s nowhere near $10K a month either.

The good news is, there are plenty of ways that you can make $10k in a month (or more) without leaving home.

If you’re interested in how to make $10000 a month, this article includes 10 legitimate money-making stay at home job options to consider.

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How to Make $10000 a Month From Home

Before you dig into the list of ways to make $10000 a month or more, let me offer a little disclaimer. 

The side hustle ideas I’m about to share are not get-rich-quick schemes.

how to make 10k a month

There’s a certain amount of work that goes into growing a 6 figure income, especially online where things are always changing and evolving. 

So if you need money now, then I suggest you check out these posts first:

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But if you’re ready to commit to building a profitable side hustle for extra income, here are 10 ways to make 10k a month.

1. Freelance writing

If you have decent writing skills, a laptop and an internet connection, you have all you need to start a freelance writing side hustle. 

Any time we’re talking about side jobs, freelance writing is always at the top of my list. 


Because freelancing is one of the easiest side hustles to start and scale if you want to learn how to make $10,000 a month. 

How to make $10000 a month freelance writing

If you want to earn six figures online as a freelance writer, the hardest part is finding your first clients. 

To do that, you’ll need to have a few good writing samples. But you need writing gigs to get writing samples. 

If you don’t have any previous professional writing experience, there’s a solution: You can start a blog

Starting a blog as a freelance writer does a few things for you:

  • It gives you an opportunity to fine-tune your writing skills
  • You can create writing samples to show to prospective clients
  • Writing about the same topics can help you become an expert
  • You can start creating your online brand

Just one well-written blog post can be enough to help you land your first paid writing gig. You can use your posts to pitch businesses or brands you’d like to write for or apply for writing gigs through online job boards. 

And you can promote your blog on LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media channels where editors and content managers hang out. The more attention you can draw to your blog and your writing, the better your chances of scaling it to a $10k a month business. 

Ready to start a blog to launch your freelance writing side hustle?

The good news is, you can get your blog up and running for just a few bucks a month! 

To do it, you'll need a great blog host. (The one I recommend is Siteground--they offer the best combination of cost and service.)

If you're ready to learn more, dive into my step by step beginner's guide to starting a blog and making thousands per month!

2. Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants help business owners run their businesses. Before I started my freelance writing side hustle, I worked as a VA for about a year. 

Being a virtual assistant is great if you’re:

  • Detail-oriented
  • Good at managing your time
  • Skilled at staying organized
  • Interested in helping businesses grow behind the scenes

According to ZipRecruiter, there are some VAs pulling in $120,000+ each year. So it’s definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a way to make $10k a month. 

And the best part is the kind of services you can offer as a VA are all things you can do online. 

How to make $10k in a month as a virtual assistant

If you’re interested in getting into VA work, you can do it the hard way or the easy way. 

The hard way is trying to build a successful VA side hustle from scratch. That means learning how to find clients, how to set your rates, what services to offer–all things that can take time.

If you’d rather fast-track your way to making $10k a month as a virtual assistant, you can try the easy way instead. 

And what I mean by that is taking a course that teaches you everything you need to know about making money online as a virtual assistant. 

There are lots of VA courses you can try but my personal recommendation is Fully Booked VA by Gina Horkey. She’s built a mini-empire that makes well over $10,000 a month teaching people how to grow a thriving VA business. 

Fully Booked VA gives you a complete framework for:

  • Identifying your ideal VA clients
  • Deciding which services to offer as a virtual assistant
  • Branding and marketing your VA side hustle or business
  • Setting your rates
  • Growing your income as a virtual assistant
Want to learn more about how to make $10000 a month as a virtual assistant?

⇒Try the mini-course to help decide if VA work is right for you

⇒Enroll in Fully Booked VA to start building your six-figure business!

3. Virtual bookkeeping

Becoming an online bookkeeper could be an ideal side hustle option for how to make $10000 a month if you’re good with numbers. 

Virtual bookkeepers work with businesses that need help managing the books. 

woman doing bookkeeping

Just like with being a VA, you’ll need to be organized and good at managing your time to be successful with a virtual bookkeeping side hustle. And you’ll also need to be familiar with online accounting software programs. 

How to make $10000 a month as a virtual bookkeeper

Becoming a virtual bookkeeper is a little more specialized than freelance writing or VA work. Unless you have previous experience as a bookkeeper, you may need to invest some time and money a bookkeeping course. 

The good news, there’s a free workshop you can take to help you decide if becoming a virtual bookkeeper is right for you. 

It’s offered by, a go-to resource for learning how to build a bookkeeping business that makes $10,000 a month or more. 

⇒Sign up now for the free virtual bookkeeping workshop to learn more.

4. Proofreading

Proofreading can be a highly lucrative side hustle if you want to get paid to read. 

Online proofreaders can make $10k a month or more checking written documents for errors. It’s one of the best low-cost side hustles to start since you really only need a laptop and internet connection to find online proofreading jobs

How to make $10K a month as an online proofreader

If you want to make 6 figures a year proofreading you’ll first need to decide if you want to be a general proofreader or specialize in a particular type of proofreading. 

From there, you can work on building a solid client base. Once you get steady clients, you can work on charging rates that can help you reach your $10k a month income goal. 

Those are all things you can learn on your own but there’s a course that can help you start making money as a proofreader faster. 

It’s called Proofread Anywhere. The course is put together by Caitlin Pyle, who makes a full-time income and then some as an online proofreader. 

Not sure if you want to spend the money on a course to learn how to proofread? 

⇒Check out this FREE webinar to learn more about how to make money proofreading, no strings attached.

5. Online transcription

Transcription jobs can easily help you earn $10,000 a month or more from home. 

Online transcriptionists turn audio files into written files. For example, online transcriptionists may get paid to transcribe:

  • Podcasts
  • YouTube videos
  • Conference calls or Zoom meetings
  • Medical records
  • Court proceedings

Transcriptionists who work exclusively with court reporters are called scopists. Court reporters record courtroom proceedings in shorthand and scopists translate that into written text. 

How to make $10000 a month as a transcriptionist

It’s possible to land online transcription jobs with little or even no experience through sites like Rev. The key is having solid typing skills. 

If you’re interested in starting a transcription side hustle that could eventually become a six-figure business, there’s a course that can teach you how to do it. 

It’s offered through Transcribe Anywhere and it’s essentially a step-by-step guide to making money as a general or legal transcriber. 

If you’re on the fence about spending money on a transcription course, don’t sweat it.

⇒Sign up for this completely FREE virtual workshop on how to make money transcribing.

6. Flea market flipping

Flipping can be one of the best ways to make money without a job. 

As a flipper, you essentially make money by reselling items online or off. 

Facebook Marketplace, local bargain groups, Craigslist and eBay are just some of the places you can resell items for profit. The key is knowing how to identify bargains to find lower-cost items you can resell for serious cash. 

How to make $10000 a month reselling online

The easiest way to learn how to make money flipping is to study how other people have done it. Rob and Melissa Stephenson are great examples. 

This couple banks $10k a month and then some reselling items on eBay. And they have an excellent free webinar that breaks down some of the tricks of the trade, including:

  • How flipping for money works
  • Tips for making the most money from flips
  • How to decide if flipping is right for you

⇒Check out the webinar now to learn more about mastering the flipping lifestyle!

7. Investing

When you think of ways to make $10k a month online, investing might not be at the top of the list.

But investing in the market can indeed be a legitimate way to make $10000 a month or more if you know what you’re doing. 

There are different ways to make money investing.

You can day trade stocks, options, or even cryptocurrency. Earning dividends on your investments can help you create a passive income stream. 

Of course, stock market investing is risky. Just ask the WallStreetBets crowd

But if your investments pay off, you could easily make $10k a month or more while building a portfolio. 

How to make $10000 a month investing online 

If you want to start investing, opening an online brokerage account is the easiest way to do it. 

For that, I recommend M1 Finance.

M1 Finance is an online brokerage that lets you trade stocks with $0 commission fees. You can open an account with no minimum and you only need $100 to start investing. 

⇒Open your M1 Finance account today and get a $30 bonus with a $1,000 deposit!

8. Sell printables to make $10k a month

Selling printables can be one of the best ways to make money passively online. You create your printables, set up an online store to sell them and boom–you can make money on autopilot!

Sarah Titus is a genius at selling printables. Her Shopify store makes millions selling fun and cute printables. 

This could be a great side hustle to consider for how to make $10k a month if you’re looking for a way to capitalize on your creativity.

How to make $10K in a month selling printables

If you want to make money selling printables online, you’ll need at least two things:

  • Online editing software to create your printables (I use Canva Pro but Adobe works, too)
  • A place to sell your printables

You can sell your printables through a Shopify store, on Etsy or you can set up a shop on a website of your own. 

Sarah Titus, for example, started off with a blog then added a Shopify store to her site. 

If you want to start a blog, don’t forget to check out Siteground for hosting. 

9. Create courses

Creating and selling courses online is another genius way to make passive income. 

The great thing about selling courses is that they can be largely evergreen, meaning you may only need to update them once a year or so. 

You can create your course, list it for sale online and make money as people purchase it.

This could be a perfect addition to a blog as another income stream. Or you can sell your courses without having a blog at all. 

How to make $10000 a month selling courses

The hardest part of making money selling online courses is actually creating the course. 

This is where you’ll need to do some brainstorming to come up with a great idea for a course. From there, you can work on creating individual lessons. 

Once you have your course ready to go, you can list it for sale through an online course platform. 

Here are three places you can sell your online courses to make $10k a month or more:

10. Start a blog

Last but not least is one of my favorite options for how to make $10000 a month: blogging.

Blogging can absolutely be a legitimate way to earn six figures online. Just ask bloggers like Michelle Schroeder-Gardner or Ben and Jeff from the Dollarsprout crew. 

There are so many ways to make money blogging, including:

  • Running ads on your site
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored posts
  • Selling digital or physical products
  • Offering freelance services

Making $10k a month or more as a blogger won’t happen overnight. I’m two years in and still only bout a third of the way there.

But with the right strategy and know-how, you can absolutely earn a six-figure income this way. 

How to make $10000 a month blogging

If you want to make $10k a month blogging, the most important thing you need is an audience. 

You can’t make money blogging if nobody reads what you’re writing. 

So the first thing you want to focus on is gaining traffic. That’s where Ready, Set, Blog for Traffic comes in. 

This course is offered by Elna Cain who runs no less than 8 blogs and is also a freelance writer, mom of twins and  wife. 

This is one of the first courses I took as a blogger and it was hugely helpful as I was learning how to find my niche, write content and grow my traffic. 

⇒Learn more about Ready, Set, Blog for Traffic if you’re ready to grow a money-making blog!

How to Make $10K a Month FAQ

To wrap things up, here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about how to make $10000 a month online. 

How to make $10000 a month from home?

You might be wonderig if it’s really possible to make $10000 a month online. And the answer is definitely yes.

I’ve made well over $10k a month from home for the last several years with my freelance writing business. And I hope to replicate that with blogging in the near future. 

Really, making $10k a month from home is all about finding your perfect side hustle. 

Here’s what I tell people about choosing a side hustle:

  • Pick something you’re good at or enjoy
  • Figure out a way to monetize it

Getting a side hustle started is usually the easy part. If you want to grow it into a $10k a month income, I recommend studying how other people are doing it. 

Read blogs, watch YouTube videos, check out podcasts–then apply what you learn to grow your own hustle. 

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How to make $10000 in a day?

Making $10000 in a day isn’t a goal I’ve personally achieved. But I do know that it can be done by reading other bloggers’ income reports.

Usually, making $10k a day happens when a blogger has something to sell, like a course or printables. They spend time cultivating an audience which can easily lead to a five-figure launch. And of course that can result in a 7 figure yearly income.

So if you haven’t started a blog yet, that’s a great incentive to dive in!

How to make 10k a month online?

If you want to make $10k a month online, then the best way to do it is to use the money-making skills you already have. 

This doesn’t necessarily require an investment of money, just time. For example, if you’re good at writing then you could try freelancing or writing e-books and selling them on Amazon.

If you’re good at teaching other people how to do things, then selling courses on Teachable or Thinkific may be your thing. 

And blogging could be ideal if you like to write, are knowledgeable about social media and know how to build an audience. 

Is 10000 dollars a month good?

I think the answer to this depends a lot on your cost of living and spending. 

But for most people, I think $10,000 a month is a good income, if not a great income. 

Once I got my income to the $10k mark I was able to get all my debt paid off and start saving more money. So if you have similar financial goals, then $10,000 a month is a good income target to shoot for. 

How to make 10000 fast?

If you want to make $10000 fast you might need to sell something.

For example, if you have two cars and only need one you might be able to sell the other for $10k.

Or if you have a recreational vehicle or ATV you’re not using you may be able to sell that for $10k.

But if you have more time to invest, I recommend the 10 ways to make 10k a month outlined here.

What are the best businesses to start for under $10000?

The best businesses to start under $10000 are often online businesses. 

A lot of times, online businesses have low or virtually nonexistent startup costs.

All you need for many of the best paying home businesses is a laptop and internet. You can build your business around your skills or a digital product that you can create for pennies. 

If you need some inspiration for home businesses you can start for under $10k, check out this list of highly profitable online business ideas. 

What are the jobs that pay 10000 a month?

If you want to get a regular job that pays $10k a month, there are plenty to choose from.

Some require special degrees or skills but others don’t. Some jobs that pay $10k a month can be done online, others can’t. 

Take a peek at some of the top $10,000 a month jobs listed on Indeed. 

how to make 10000 a month

Final thoughts on how to make $10000 a month

Making $10k a month, whether you want to do it online or off, can absolutely be a realistic goal to have.

You just need to figure out how you can make it happen, based on your skills, experience and how much time or money you’re willing to invest. 

Learning from others who are already making $10,000 a month is a good place to start. Once you’ve nailed down the basics, you can work on creating your own $10k a month income stream. 

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How to Make $10000 a Month

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