50+ Things to Sell to Make Money (Sell Stuff for Cash Fast!)

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Things to Sell to Make Money Fast

What can I sell to make money?

It’s a question you might ask if you need to know how to make money ASAP because you have an unexpected bill to pay or an emergency expense.

Selling things around the house can be one of the best ways to generate money fast. You could turn your unwanted items into free money and fatten up your bank account fast!

It’s also possible to create a steady income stream by selling your skills or time. The best things to sell to make money are things that have value and that people want to buy.

Making an extra $50, $100, $500 or more can make a real difference if you’re living on a tight budget. Whether you’re a stay at home mom, college student, retiree or anyone else who needs cash, chances are you’ve got something you can sell to make extra income.

Not sure what to sell to make money? Or where to sell things to make money instantly?

I’ve put together a list of the best things to sell to make money when cash is tight.

Where Can I Sell Things to Make Extra Cash?

couple selling items online
Things to Sell to Make Money Fast

There are lots of things to sell to make quick cash–and there are lots of places you can sell your items for easy money!

If you’re wondering where you can unload cheap things to sell for cash when you’re needing extra money, here are some of my top picks

Resale apps are also great for selling things to make instant cash. You can post what you have to sell for a fair price, people can view your listing and if they buy it–boom, you get paid.

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If you need some apps you can use to sell things, here are some of the best ones to try:

Just remember that if you’re selling online through an app or website to read the fine print. You may be charged a fee to list and sell your items. And while you might make money instantly when you sell an item, it could take a few business days for the cash to hit your bank account.

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50+ Things to Sell to Make Money Fast

If you’re wondering, what can I sell to make money fast the best place to start looking is right at home. You might have plenty of good things to sell that are gathering dust in your closet, attic or garage.

After looking for things to sell for quick cash at home, you can think outside the box for other things you can sell for money.

Ready to start earning extra income? Let’s take a look at some creative ways to make money by selling your stuff!

1. Books

used books to sell online

If you’ve got a stack of books collecting dust, you can sell them to turn them into cash. That goes for textbooks, fiction, non-fiction — whatever you have lying around.

Check out these sites for selling books:

And you’re not limited to textbooks or novels, either. You could also make good money selling comic books to collectors.

2. Kids’ toys

Some of the best things to sell to make money are kids’ toys because people are always looking for deals. Toys can be especially good things to sell around the holidays as parents may be looking for Santa gifts or stocking stuffers.

You can sell toys your kids have outgrown or even some of your old toys from childhood if you’ve still got them stashed away somewhere. Heck, you might even have some geeky collectible items that are worth major bucks.

3. Clothes

Clothes are good things to sell for money because they’re always in demand.

If you’ve got some pricier items to unload, you could try selling through online clothing retail stores like thredUP or Poshmark.

Both sides are ideal for selling luxury clothing and accessories that are in good condition. Check out this video for tips on how to sell clothes online.


4. Shoes

Shoes are another popular item to sell, especially if yours are in good condition.

As with clothes, you’ll make more money selling shoes if you have popular name brands. You can sell shoes on Poshmark, thredUP or even OfferUP.

If you’re interested in how to make easy money selling shoes as a side hustle, be sure to check out this free shoe flipping workshop. It’s hosted by two professional flippers who’ve built a solid business by flipping shoes!

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5. Gift cards

If you’ve got a pile of gift cards you aren’t using, you could always sell them for cash using a gift card exchange kiosk or website. This is one of the fastest money-making ideas, since you can get cash the same day for unwanted gift cards.

Here are some sites you can research to sell unused gift cards:

You can compare rates at different gift card reselling sites to get the most value for your cards. And note that while you can trade coins for gift cards at Coinstar, you can no longer exchange gift cards for cash at these coin-counting machines.


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6. Cellphones and chargers

Got some old cell phones or chargers you don’t use?

These are great things to sell because people are always willing to buy them.

You can sell them online at Gazelle for easy money. Or you could sell them locally through Facebook Marketplace or bargain groups.

7. CDs and DVDs

With everybody streaming their movies and music these days, you may not use your CDs and DVDs as much anymore. But they’re still good things to sell to make money if you can find a buyer.

You could sell them locally through Facebook groups or at a yard sale. And a great place to sell them online is through Decluttr or eBay. Pawn shops may also buy CDs, DVDs and DVD players.

8. Video games and gaming systems

video game controller for sale

Video games and gaming systems are two popular things to sell to make money. These items are always in demand and they tend to hold their value fairly well.

You can list your video games and gaming systems for sale online on Facebook or eBay. GameStop is another option, though you’ll have to go to the store to trade in your items for money. But that could be a great way to get cash the same day if you need money fast.

9. Sports equipment

Got sporting equipment you don’t use? You can sell it online at Sideline Swap.

And there’s always Play It Again Sports, though again, you’ll have to go to the store to sell your equipment.

Good things to sell include:

  • Safety gear and protective equipment (i.e., helmets, pads, shin guards, etc.)
  • Baseball bats, balls and gloves
  • Cleats
  • Weights
  • Specialized sports gear, like hockey sticks or ice skates

Be sure to clean up your equipment and make sure it’s in good working order before trying to sell it.

And if you’ve got baseball cards or other sports memorabilia, you could also sell those to a pawn shop or a collector for easy money.

10. Kitchen gadgets

This might be one of the less obvious things to sell to make money but your kitchen might just be a gold mine.

If you’ve got some high-end appliances you don’t use, like a Kitchen Aid stand mixer or a deluxe pasta maker, you could sell them for serious cash on eBay. Even smaller items like a waffle maker or rice cooker could fetch a few bucks on Facebook Marketplace.

11. Purses and accessories

You can make extra money selling off your old purses and accessories, especially if you’ve got some designer brands or luxury bags in the mix.

Check out REBELLE, Poshmark, thredUP and eBay–those are all great places to sell purses, scarves and other fashionable add-ons for fast and easy money.

12. Jewelry

Selling your jewelry can bring in a nice chunk of change if you have some quality pieces.

Worthy.com and CashforGoldUSA.com are two places to try selling online. Pawnshops and jewelry stores also buy jewelry locally but selling online means you don’t have to schlep it around.

13. Tools

Tools can also net some decent money if they’re in good condition.

Here are some ideas for what to sell if you have spare tools lying around:

  • Hand tools
  • Power tools, such as drills, screwdrivers or saws
  • Air compressors
  • Jackhammers
  • Concrete mixers
  • Accessories (i.e. toolboxes, toolbelts, etc.)

You can sell tools on Facebook Marketplace or eBay. You can also sell tools to a local pawnshop.

Pro tip: Brand-name tools like Stihl, DeWalt or Bosch are usually worth the most money when you’re looking for things to sell.

14. Lawn equipment

Lawn equipment is something else you could sell for a decent amount of cash.

Some of the things to sell for money include:

  • Lawnmowers
  • Weed eaters
  • Hedge trimmers
  • Edgers
  • Pruning shears
  • Leaf blowers
  • Mulchers

These are all good things to sell locally through Facebook, Craigslist or even a pawn shop.

15. Furniture

Furniture is one of the most popular things you can sell to make money and there are lots of places you can sell it online, including the Letgo app.

AptDeco is another easy way to sell furniture from your laptop or smartphone. You can sell sofas, chairs, loveseats, tables and other household items.

If you’ve got antique furniture to sell, you might want to get its value appraised before trying to find a buyer. Some collectible pieces can easily fetch thousands of dollars at the right antiques auction.

16. Craft supplies

craft supplies for sale

If you’ve got a closet full of craft supplies your family’s not using, you could easily turn them into cash.

You might have a Cricut that’s just collecting dust, for example, or a pile of yarn and knitting needles that you haven’t touched in years.

Again, eBay might be your best bet for selling crafty items online. You can also turn your craft supplies into actual crafts and sell those on Etsy!

17. School supplies

Those extra notebooks, pencils, paper, even backpacks cluttering up your closets are all simple things to sell to make money. 

Try Hoot of Loot for selling supplies that teachers or home educators might find useful. If you’re a homeschooling family, check local homeschool groups for upcoming supplies swaps or sales.

18. Bikes or scooters

Bikes, scooters, skateboards — all of them can be turned into cash if you’re looking for things to sell to make money.

And the same goes for accessories like bike helmets or knee pads. Try Bikesoup to sell your bike online.

19. Baby items

Having a baby is expensive and there are plenty of parents out there who are looking to save a buck on baby stuff.

If you’ve got clothes, bottles, baby furniture or even diapers and formula that are unopened, you can list them for sale on eBay or OfferUp. If you want to sell in person, you can try Once Upon a Child.

20. Holiday items

Holiday decorations might be one of the more unusual things to sell to make money but you’d be surprised what people will buy if they can get them for less than full price.

For example, you might be able to sell Christmas lights, your old Christmas tree, those blow-up lawn decorations, ornaments, wrapping paper, stockings, and home decor items.

It’s worth digging through your attic or garage to see what you have for the holidays that you can list on eBay or sell locally.

21. Bedding

Sheets, blankets, comforters and quilts are all things you can sell to make money if they’re in good shape.

eBay might be your best bet for selling these items online, though you could also try Craigslist. And you may also be able to unload them at a consignment shop near you.

22. Exercise equipment

Along with sports equipment, you can also sell exercise equipment locally or online. Some of the things people will pay cash for include:

  • Yoga mats and balance balls
  • Treadmills and ellipticals
  • Weight benches and free weights
  • Kettlebells
  • Exercise bikes

The biggest challenge with selling large pieces of exercise equipment online through a site like eBay is shipping it. But you could easily make a few hundred dollars this way.

23. Musical instruments

musical instruments for sale

Did one of your kids take up an instrument only to abandon it? Or did you play once upon a time but not so much anymore?

You can get some of what you spent back by selling your instruments. We have a local music trader store in town where you can sell used instruments. But you can also try these sites for selling online:

24. Recreational vehicles

Recreational vehicles and ATVs could put hundreds, if not thousands, in your pocket when you need money fast.

For example, you could sell four-wheelers, go-karts, motorcycles, dirtbikes, campers — those are all things people will pay big money for.

Facebook Marketplace might be the quickest way to sell these items locally. But there are also sites like ATVTrader.com that let you list recreational vehicles for sale without having to leave home.

25. Watches

Just like jewelry, watches go on the list of things to sell to make money and they can bring in a decent profit!

You can sell them to Worthy.com but if you’ve got a luxury watch, you might try a premium buyer like Watchbox.

26. Cardboard boxes

I wish I had known you could buy cardboard boxes used before I bought new ones for our last move. If you’ve got a stack of boxes that you want to trade for cash, here are a few places you can sell them online:

27. Collectibles

Need an idea for how to get $1000 fast? If you’re sitting on a pile of collectibles you could be rich without even knowing it! Some of the things you might sell include:

  • Collectible coins
  • Vintage toys
  • Sports memorabilia and baseball cards
  • Antiques
  • Porcelain dolls
  • China dishware
  • Movie posters
  • Stamps
  • Toys

eBay and Etsy are two of the best options for selling collectibles online. But you could also check out antique dealers locally if you’re in a pinch and need cash quickly.

And if you have collectibles or memorabilia related to gaming, comics or anime, you could set up a booth to sell them at a comic book convention near you.

28. Home decor items

Pictures, knickknacks, mirrors, lamps, shelving — those are all things you can sell to make money on eBay, Craiglist or Facebook.

And clearing out the clutter in your home means you have less to clean!

29. Board games

Board games are a great way to pass the time when you’re stuck at home but if need money, selling off ones you no longer play is a no-brainer.

If you need some ideas for where to sell them online, try BoardGameCo or Noble Knight.

30. Unused coupons

coupons for sale

Clipping coupons can help you save money on groceries.

But did you know you could turn your coupons into cash?

Checkout Saver lets you list coupons you’ve collected for sale. It’s free to sign up and you can even get a $5 bonus when you open an account!

31. Outdoor items

Got an old patio set you aren’t using anymore? Or a playset your kids have outgrown?

Those are easy things to sell to make money. Plus, you can clean up your yard or garage while you’re at it!

32. Unwanted gifts

Have you ever gotten something as a gift and thought to yourself, why in the world did they give me this?

You could just chuck the gift in your closet and forget about it. Or you could sell it instead and pick up some quick cash!

33. Scrap metal/recycling

We recycle at my house to be green but you could see green by selling your recyclables or scrap metal. 

Check out sites local to you that buy scrap metal, tin cans, glass and other items that you might ordinarily toss in the recycling bin. 

You could also consider using scrap metal to create recycled art to sell. Creating art, even trash art from discarded materials or recycled materials, could turn into a profitable side hustle.


34. Wedding dress/formal dresses

Got a wedding dress or some old formal gowns collecting dust in your closet?

If you aren’t holding on to them for sentimental reasons then you could sell them to make money. 

This article from Brides.com has some great ideas on where to sell your wedding dress for cash. 

35. Party favors/decorations

Reusing party favors or decorations can save you money. This is one frugal hack we use at my house to save.

But if you won’t need them again and they’re still in good shape, selling them for cash is a no-brainer!

36. Forgotten items in storage

Got a storage unit?

Chances are, there may be some things in there you’ve completely forgotten you had. 

If so, why not sell them to make some extra money? Your junk may be someone else’s treasure!

More Things to Sell to Make Money Online

So far, I’ve given you lots of ideas for things to sell to make money around the house. 

But if you’re interested in making money selling online long-term, here are some of my favorite ways to do it!

37. Sell your services

woman looking at laptop

Selling a service can help you make money online without having to get a real job or even leave the house!

When I talk about selling services, I really mean selling your skills. 

For example, I use my writing skills to make money as a freelancer. Selling your services and skills is great because it can be an easy and low-cost way to start a side hustle or business!

Here are some ways to make money by selling your services:

For more money-making ideas, check out this list of 20+ freelance services you can offer to make money!

38. Sell your time

Got some spare time on your hands?

It’s one of the smartest things to sell to make money, especially since it doesn’t always require any special skills. 

For example, you could make money using your time by:

You’ll need a car or another method of transportation for some of these. But they’re all easy ways to trade your time for cash.

39. Sell printables

Printables are a big deal these days and lots of people are making money selling them online. 

For example, you could make and sell:

I could go on and on! 

Bottom line, printables can be one of the best things to sell to make money if you’re the creative type. 

You’ll need a good graphic design program to make your printables.

I use Canva because it’s not super expensive and it’s user-friendly. Here’s more on how to use Canva to make money.

And of course, you’ll need somewhere to sell your printables.

You could sell them through an Etsy shop or a Shopify store. Or you could set up your own website and blog to sell them. 

There are plenty of bloggers making a killing from selling printables while also running ads on their sites or making money with affiliate marketing. 

If that sounds good to you, check out my ultimate guide to starting a money-making blog.

Ready to start your own blog or website? It’s easy to get started with your own domain and hosting through Siteground. Plans are affordable, which is perfect for beginners!

40. Make and sell crafts

Do you have a crafty side?

If so, you could easily make money selling crafts online or offline. 

The key is making crafts that:

  • Don’t require a huge investment of time or money
  • People actually want to buy

My best tip is to choose a craft that you like to make. Otherwise, you could get burned out on making crafts to sell for money pretty quickly. 


41. Sell an online course

Online courses are great because you can learn a new skill without leaving the house.

If you’ve got some skills or knowledge to share you could easily turn it into a money-making online course!

Courses are one of the best things to sell to make money because you can essentially earn a passive income.

You create the course and list it for sale online. People buy it and you make money!

It’s an easy way to earn money regularly without a lot of maintenance. You may just need to update your course material every once in a while to keep it fresh and relevant. 

If you’re looking for places to sell courses online, check out Thinkific and Teachable

Both of these platforms are great for selling courses online and they’re easy to use, even as a beginner. 

42. Sell your photos for money

Do you like taking photos? 

If so, you could easily make extra money selling photos online.

Sites like Shutterstock and Foap are great places to sell your photos for quick and easy cash. You could also start a blog and sell your photos through your own website. 

43. Flip blogs for cash

Blogging can be an excellent way to make money online.

You can make money with:

  • Ads
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored posts
  • Products
  • Services

But building a money-making blog can take time. 

Flipping blogs, on the other hand, can be a faster way to make money while still indulging your passion for blogging. 

Blog flipping involves buying existing domains, sprucing them up a bit with some new content or a fresh theme and reselling them at a profit. 

You can try a site like Flippa for finding domains to buy and sell. 

44. Sell your talents and knowledge

I believe everyone has something they’re good at it. 

And if you feel the same way you might have some talents or knowledge you’re sitting on that you could turn into income. 

For example, are you really passionate about yoga?

If so, you could make money teaching kids yoga online

Well-versed in the English language?

You could make money as a VIPKID teacher. 

Or if you’re really interested in a particular subject, like history or art, you could make money teaching kids about it through Outschool

Outschool is an online teaching platform for kids K-12. Anyone can sign up to teach, no professional experience is required!

You just need a passion for the subject you’re teaching to start making money!

👉Learn how to become an Outschool teacher!

45. Sell your opinions

Companies will pay good money to people just like you for sharing their opinions. Survey Junkie, for example, pays up to $50 per hour for participating in simple market research surveys.

This can be one of the easiest ways to make money. You can also check out Respondent.io if you’re interested in making $100+/hour as an online test subject.

Unusual Things to Sell to Make Money

46. Sell feet pics

screenshoot of feet pics from instagram

Selling feet pics is a legitimate way to make money. There are numerous online platforms where you can post pictures of feet for sale and earn real cash.

I remember reading about a woman who makes $70,000 a year selling pictures of her feet. So it seems like a pretty great way to make money with minimal effort.

There are a few things to know about selling feet pics, like how to take great photos, where to post them for sale and how to protect your identity.

If you’re interested in pursuing this side hustle, here’s a complete guide on how to sell feet pics for money.

47. Sell your plasma

Plasma donation is another legitimate way to get money fast when you need it. You can visit a local plasma donation center near you, donate plasma and walk out with cash.

Donating plasma can net you $50 to $75 per visit. Keep in mind that there may be limits on how much plasma you can donate in a month.

But overall, this is an easy thing to sell to make money if you don’t mind needles.

48. Sell your hair

If you have longer hair that’s in good condition, you could sell your hair for cash.

Companies like WorldofWigs will buy your hair and pay you real money for it. If you’ve been planning to get a haircut anyway, this could be a great way to sell something you no longer need for easy money.

49. Sell your poop

Selling your stool is yet one more weird–but totally legit–thing you can sell to make money.

Companies have been known to pay as much as $13,000 a year for stool samples.

If you’re comfortable handling the collection of the samples, then this is another easy way to make money with little effort.

50. Sell your eggs (or sperm)

Egg donation and sperm donation are two unusual ways to make money. But both are good things to sell to make money if you’re young and healthy.

Between the two, egg donation pays more. It’s possible to earn up to $10,000 per donated batch. So if you’re a woman looking for a way to make money, this could be a great option.

Learn how to become an egg donor here. Or check out this site to learn more about sperm donation.

51. Sell other peoples’ stuff

Don’t have anything of your own to sell for quick cash? You could still make money fast by reselling things that once belonged to someone else!

Here’s how it works. You find things selling for a bargain price, buy them, then resell them online.

You can find things to resell by browsing:

  • Thrift stores
  • Estate sales
  • Garage sales
  • Discount retail stores or wholesale stores
  • Yard sales
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Craigslist
  • Facebook bargain groups
  • Amazon return pallets

Don’t think you can find a hidden treasure this way? Just ask the woman who bought a priceless ancient Roman bust at a thrift store. Many stores can yield great finds at half price or better, compared to what you might pay for them new.

The key is finding items that are in good condition that you can resell for a sizable profit, above what you pay for them.

Things to Sell to Make Money FAQs

What can I sell to make $200 fast?

If you need to make $200 fast (or $1,000 fast), some of the best things to sell to make money include lawnmowers, tools, ATVs or dirtbikes, electronics and gaming systems. Those are all high value items that are always in demand.

What can I sell to make quick money?

Some of the best things to sell to make quick money include clothes, shoes, accessories, watches, small appliances, home decor items and tools. You can also sell holiday decorations, an old wedding dress, collectibles or sports equipment for easy cash.

What are good things to sell?

Good things to sell are any items that people are willing to pay money for. That may include collectibles, electronics, gaming systems, CDs or DVDs. You can sell things around the house or sell your skills and time online.

Is there anything I shouldn’t sell to make money?

While selling things to make money can be a great way to generate extra cash, there are some things you’ll probably want to steer clear of. Selling stolen items, illegal items, unregistered weapons or contraband, for instance, could all land you in hot water with local, state or even federal law enforcement.

woman selling things to make money
Best Things to Sell to Make Money

Final thoughts on the best things to sell to make money

Selling things for cash is easier than you might think. And it’s a great option if you need to know how to make quick money today.

The best place to start looking for things to sell for money is right in your own home. From there, you can get more creative and branch out your ideas to include unusual things you might be able to sell or ways to make money selling your time and skills.

The more money-making ideas you try, the easier it can be to reach your financial goals. And you be surprised at just how much you can earn with a selling side job.

Need more ideas on how to get cash fast? Read these posts next:

Got something to add to the list of things to sell to make money? 

If so, head to the comments and tell me about it. And be sure to check out my favorite tools for making and saving money before you go!

51 Best Things to Sell to Make Money Now

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