How Much Is 6 Figures In Money? (6, 7, 8 and 9 Figures Explained)

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Last Updated on November 20, 2021 by Rebecca Lake

How Much Is 6 Figures and What Is a Six-Figure Salary?

How much is 6 figures? And perhaps more importantly, how can you earn a 6-figure salary if that’s one of your financial goals?

Here’s the short answer in simple personal finance terms.

When you’re talking about figures, you’re talking about numbers or digits. So a 6 figure number is one that has six digits.

But just how much is 6 figures in money? And is it possible to earn a 6-figure income?

If you don’t know the answers, don’t panic. Many people don’t understand what six figures in annual income really means.

Today, I’ll explain how much is 6 figures in annual salary and what are some high paying 6-figure jobs. We’ll also cover how much is 7 figures, 8 figures and 9 figures.

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How Much Is a Figure?

A figure simply means a number or a digit. 

In other words, the number 1 is one figure, one single number or one single digit. The number 13 is two digits or two figures. And the number 147 is three digits or three figures.

The more numbers you add, the higher the number of figures.

woman holding six figures in money
How Much Is 6 Figures

How Much Is 6 Figures?

Since a figure is a number or digit, 6 figures would have six numbers or digits. Generally, 6 figures means any number between 100,000 and 999,999.

When people talk about how much is 6 figures, they’re most often talking about money. Or more specifically, how much money someone makes in yearly income.

What does 6 figures mean in money?

In terms of money, 6 figures means any amount between $100,000 and $999,999.

Six figures can be used to describe how much you have in assets, or how much you owe in debt. This can be helpful for calculating your net worth.

So if you have $500,000 in your retirement account, then you have six figures saved. Or if you owe $250,000 on your mortgage, you have a six-figure debt.

But typically when you ask someone, “how much is 6 figures?” you most likely are asking how much money they make in yearly income.

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How much is a six-figure salary?

In terms of money and what a six figure salary means, it’s generally an amount between $100,000 and $999,999. That’s six figures earned each year. 

Pro tip: When figuring out how much is a figure or how much is 6 figures, we only look at whole dollars, not cents.

So if you made $99,999.99 in a single year, only the numbers before the decimal count as a figure, putting you one penny short of six figures.

This is the easiest way to understand how much is six figures and what six figure salaries look like.

Is six figures a lot of money?

Six-figure salary jobs can pay good amount of money and at that income level, you might be pretty comfortable financially.

A lot of people who make this much are generally considered high income earners. But the important thing to understand is that where you are in the 6-figure salary ranges matters.

Someone making $900,000 a year is earning a much bigger six figure income than someone making $100,000, for example.

Here’s how much is 6 figures in money on a range and what it means for yearly salary:

  • Low six figure income = $100,000 – $399,999
  • Mid six figure income = $400,000 – $699,999
  • High six-figures income = $700,000 – $999,999

So how much money does the average family in the United States earn? And how many people are making a 6 figures salary or more?

The Department of Housing and Urban Development puts the estimated median income or median salary at $79,900 as of 2021.In terms of how many Americans make six figures each year, the answer is around 9%.

That means the majority of Americans are pulling in an average salary below 6 figures each year.

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Is making 6 figures good money?

Having a six-figure income puts you among the top high earners in the United States.

Specifically, making six figures could put you in the top 1%, 5% or 10%, depending on whether you’re in the low, mid or high six figure income salary ranges.

How much is 6 figures and does it make you rich?

Consider this: 1 in 5 people who make $100,000 a year still live paycheck to paycheck

Whether a six figure income or median wage makes you rich or not depends on what your expenses are, how you manage your money and your financial literacy skills.

If you make six figures but you struggle with budgeting or tracking your spending, for example, then your income probably won’t go as far as someone who’s fine-tuned their budgeting technique.

There are some financial tools that can make managing a six figure income easier.

One of my favorites is Personal Capital.

This financial tool can help you:

  • Plan your budget
  • Track and monitor spending
  • Create a plan for paying off debt
  • Check your investments 
  • Track your net worth
  • See your overall financial picture at a glance

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If you’re interested in investing part of your six figure income, I recommend Acorns and M1 Finance

With Acorns, you can easily round up transactions and invest your spare change.

Acorns links to your bank account and tracks your spending. Each transaction is rounded up and the difference is invested in low-cost exchange-traded funds.

M1 Finance is designed for people who want hands-on investing.

You can trade stocks and other investments with no commission fees. It’s an easy-to-use platform for building a portfolio and you don’t have to worry about fees eating away at your returns.

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What is a 6 figure lifestyle and what does six figures get you?

Earning $100,000 a year or more can seem like a lot of money, especially if you’re bringing home an average income that’s well below that amount.

But it’s important to be subjective about what 6 figures will get you when it comes to covering expenses, saving or paying off student loans.  

This is where understanding the rising cost of living comes into play. 

Say you have three families living in San Francisco, New York and Columbia, South Carolina. Each makes $100,000 in yearly income or $8,333 monthly salary.

Here’s how far six figures would get them, based on the typical expenses for each city.

San FranciscoNew YorkColumbia, SC
Average Rent$3,111 for a 740 square foot apartment$3,872 for a 701 square foot apartment$1,129 for a 1,005 square foot apartment
Average Expenses (not including rent)$4,384 per month$4,990 per month$2,886 per month
Total Expenses$7,495$8,862$4,015
Money Left Over$838($529)$4,318

These calculations shed some light on what does 6 figures get you, depending on where you live and the rising cost of living. And they hint at why it’s a good thing to live in a less expensive location.

So again, when saying 6 figures is how much? keep in mind that the answer can vary from place to place.

What six figures means for one person can be very different compared to what it means for someone else, depending on where they live and how susceptible they are to lifestyle creep.

is making six figures good
How Much is 6 Figures in Money?

What Are Some Jobs That Make 6 Figures?

Want to find a full-time job that pays a six-figure salary?

There are plenty of jobs that offer six-figure pay. And you don’t necessarily need to go to law school or medical school to land one of them. 

While some six-figure jobs do require a college degree, you might be surprised to learn that it doesn’t necessarily mean a bachelor’s degree or professional degree.

An associate’s degree in a related field might be enough to land you in the six-figure income range and earn a good salary.

6 figure salary jobs

Which jobs pay a 6 figure salary? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and LiveCareer, here are some of the top-paying jobs that earn 6 figures or more:

  • Nurse anesthetists
  • Computer and information systems managers
  • Engineers
  • Software developer
  • Software engineers
  • Physician assistants
  • Transportation, storage and distribution managers
  • Education administrators
  • Human resource managers
  • Real estate broker
  • Financial manager
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Construction manager
  • Administrative services managers
  • Financial managers and advisors
  • Marketing and sales managers

Some of these jobs may require a bachelor’s degree or professional degree. But if you don’t have either, you still have options for earning a 6-figure yearly income.

Six figure salary jobs that don’t require a college degree

There are some six-figure jobs that don’t require a college degree at all. 

Some of the ways you can make 6 figures without going to college include:

  • Becoming a funeral director
  • Working as an air traffic controller
  • Selling real estate
  • Working as a detective
  • Working for insurance companies
  • Becoming a web developer
  • Getting a job as a commercial pilot

For these kinds of jobs, you might need a special license or certification. But not having a college degree wouldn’t stand in the way of making a 6 figure salary.

Can I make 6 figures without a job?

It’s possible to make 6 figures without a job. The best way to do it is by having one or more profitable side hustles that generate a six-figure income for you or by starting your own business. 

For example, I make 6 figures a year freelance writing online and the first digit isn’t a “1”.

The key to making six figures or more with side hustles or businesses is picking the right ones.

For example, some of my favorite side hustle ideas for making $100,000 a year or more include:

These ways to make six figures without a job let you use the skills you already have to make money. 

You don’t necessarily need a bachelor’s degree, job experience or special training to make six figures with these creative side hustles

And if you start more than one six figure side hustle, you can have multiple income streams to help you reach your financial goals!

That’s a good reason to consider different ways you could create monthly income using the skills you already have.

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7 figure jobs list
How Much Is 7 Figures

How Much Is 7 Figures?

As mentioned earlier, 7 figures means a number that has 7 digits. So seven figures means any number from 1,000,000 to 9,999,999. 

And if your next question is, how much is 7 figures in money? then the answer is anywhere from $1 million to $9,999,999 million.

How much is a 7 figure salary?

If you’re talking about annual income, then a seven figures salary would be an income that’s at least $1 million a year but less than $10 million a year.

A seven-figure salary would make you a millionaire, in terms of annual income. Statistically, the top 1% of earners account for 20% of all the income earned in the U.S. or making more than $500,000 per year.

So if you make a seven-figure salary, you’re definitely part of an exclusive group. 

What are some jobs that pay 7 figures in yearly income?

Generally, 7 figure salary jobs are ones that:

  • Require highly specialized skills or expertise to do OR
  • Require special talents or abilities

So you might earn a seven-figure salary as a business owner, pro athlete or entertainer. For example, some of the top professional athletes make well over seven figures a year in annual income.

Other seven-figure jobs include:

  • Investment banker
  • Real estate investors or developer
  • Entertainer
  • Attorney
  • Social media influencer
  • Blogger

If you’re interested in 7 figure salary jobs, you may (or may not) need a bachelor’s degree or professional degree.

Is making 7 figures good?

Making a seven figures salary is good. At that income level, it’s less likely that you’re going to struggle financially.

Of course, whether you make 6 figures, 7 figures or more, it all comes down to how you manage your money. 

Adopting some good money habits can help you make the most of any income, 7 figures, or otherwise. 

How Much Is 8 Figures?

Eight figures means anything between 10,000,000 and 99,999,999. So if you’re asking “how much is 8 figures in money?” it means any amount between $10 million and $99,999,999 million.

Eight figures is a large amount of money, whether you’re talking about income, debt or assets.

How much is an 8-figure salary?

When someone makes an eight-figure salary, they’re pulling in $10 million or more each year but less than $100,000,000. So when you say, “8 figures is how much?” the short answer is quite a lot.

And if you’re wondering “is 8 figures good?” the answer is yes.

Unless you’re just really bad with money, then making $10 million or more each year is likely to leave you with few financial worries.

What are some jobs that pay 8 figures salary?

If you want to be in the 8 figure salary range, then your choices for jobs are going to be pretty narrow. 

Again, think CEOs, actors/entertainers and athletes. Or people who have highly sought-after jobs in specialized industries, like hedge managers or video game developers.

People who make eights figures salary are usually the ones who’ve risen to the top of their respective games, so to speak. 

For example, some of the highest-paid celebrities who made 8 figures for 2020 include:

  • Billie Eilish ($53 million)
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda ($45.5 million)
  • Howard Stern ($90 million)
  • LeBron James ($88.2 million)
  • Gordon Ramsey ($70 million)

As you can see, there are lots of different ways to make 8 figures in income.

What a lot of these people have in common is that they have special talents or personality traits that have helped them to stand out from the crowd.  

Making eight figures means that your skills, talents and abilities are highly valued. And that’s always a good thing, regardless of how much money you bring in. 

But again, it all comes down to how you manage it. 

When you look at some of the famous people who seemingly had it all then filed bankruptcy, it’s a reality check that making an 8 figure salary doesn’t always guarantee financial security. 

How Much Is 9 Figures? 

Nine figures means a number that ranges from 100,000,000 to 999,999,999. So if your next question is how much is 9 figures in money? it’s any amount from $100 million to $999,999,999 million.

If you’re making a 9 figure salary, you’re just out of the billionaire range. 

The number of people who make nine figure salaries is fairly exclusive. But there are still plenty of people who can boast a 9 figure salary each year.

Some of the celebrities, CEOs and athletes who make 9 figures (or more) each year include:

  • BTS ($170 million from touring alone in 2019 — I love them!)
  • Roger Federer ($106.3 million)
  • Kylie Jenner ($590 million)
  • Cristiano Ronaldo ($105 million)

Then you’ve got the people who are making 10 figures a year, which puts them firmly in the billionaires’ club. And with that kind of money, they’re high up on the financial food chain.

I mean people like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. 

And before you ask “is making 9 figures good?” I’ll say that it’s a safe bet if you’re making a nine-figure salary, then you’ve clearly done something right.

Does Knowing How Much Is 6 Figures (or 7, 8, 9 Figures Matter?)

This is a great question. And I firmly believe the answer is yes.

Here’s why. 

When you understand much is 6 figures, you can figure out how to go about making that kind of money.

When I was just starting out freelancing, I set a big whopping goal for myself of making six figures from writing. 

At first, I thought there’s no way I can do this. 

Then I broke it down to see how much I’d need to make each month to hit my six-figure goal.

I was actually really surprised to find out it was $8,333 a month. 

That was a lot more doable for me, in terms of a financial goal I could reach. 

So if one of your big goals is to increase your income to six figures, then knowing how much is 6 figures is the first step. 

From there, you can come up with an actionable plan for growing your income, whether that means getting a raise, changing jobs or starting a side hustle.

Final thoughts on how much is 6 figures

By now you should know exactly how much is 6 figures and how to earn a six-figure salary.

You might be inspired to find ways to grow your income into the six-figure range, which is great! There are so many ways to make extra money, including some side hustles anyone can do.

The more streams of income (including passive income) you can create, the faster you can be on your way to saving money and living better!

Need more helpful ideas on how to make and save money? Check out my favorite Smart Money Tools!

Want a super simple guide to making more money now? Don’t leave without your free Side Hustle Starter Kit.

how much is 6 figures in money
How Much Is 6 Figures Explained

How Much Is 6 Figures in Money? (An Easy Guide to 6 Figures, 7 Figures, 8 Figures or 9 Figures)

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