Check Cashing Near Me (Best Places to Cash Checks 2023)

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Where can I find affordable check cashing near me?

Check cashing services can cash many different types of checks when you don’t have a bank account. Some of the checks you can cash include payroll checks, government checks, tax refund checks and personal checks. 

Approximately 5% of households in the United States are unbanked, meaning they don’t have a bank account. Another 13% have bank accounts but use alternative financial services, including check cashing services, to manage their money. 

Check cashing services aren’t a long-term financial solution. They’re often used by people who may not be able to get a bank account right now because of credit difficulties. 

But they can be a good place to cash a check in a pinch when you need to turn a paper check into cash. And sometimes you may need to hit a check cashing store if you have a bank account but you need to cash a check after your local bank has closed for the day. 

But what’s the best place to cash a check that’s convenient and has low fees?

The good news is, there are lots of places to cash a check that are convenient and affordable.

Keep reading to learn:

  • How to find check cashing locations near you
  • What you’ll need to cash a check at a check cashing store
  • Alternatives check cashing locations when you need to cash a check

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How Does a Check Cashing Service Work?

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Where to Cash a Check Near Me

Check cashing services are companies that cash different types of checks in exchange for a fee. Check cashing places are designed to serve people who are unbanked, underbanked or just need a quick and easy way to cash a paper check. 

Here’s how a check cashing service works:

  • You take your check to the check cashing store
  • The check cashing store verifies your identity and the validity of the check
  • They give you cash for the amount of the check, less their check cashing fees

Check cashing services are part of a $36 billion alternative financial services industry.

So if you’re wondering, are checking cashing services legit? the answer is yes, they are. And plenty of people use their local check cashing store to turn checks into cash. 

A check cashing store is one way to get cash fast; a gift card exchange kiosk is another. With a gift card exchange kiosk, you’re turning unused or unwanted gift cards into instant cash.

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Types of checks you can cash at a check cashing store

When searching for check cashing near me, it’s important to consider what type of check you can cash. 

Generally, check cashing services can cash any or all of the following checks:

  • Personal checks
  • Government checks
  • Payroll checks
  • Tax refund checks
  • Insurance checks
  • Cashier’s check
  • Certified checks
  • Two-party checks
  • Out-of-state checks
  • Business checks

Can I cash my stimulus check at a check cashing place?

Yes, you can cash stimulus checks at check cashing places if they honor those types of checks.

If you’re eligible for a stimulus check, the IRS usually sends it to you based on the way you get your tax refunds. So that can include:

  • Direct deposit
  • Prepaid debit card
  • Paper check

If you get a paper stimulus check, you could take it to a check cashing store near you to cash it. 

Best Places to Find Check Cashing Near Me

Best Places to Cash Checks

1. Check Cashing Near Me Open Now

Need to cash a check right away? Looking for check cashing near me open now can help you locate check cashing stores or services for instant cash. 

Best place to cash checks near me open now: Speedy Cash

Speedy Cash offers check cashing services for as low as $2. Speedy Cash is open evenings and weekends.

You can walk in and leave with instant cash the same day. All you’ll need is a valid ID. 

Speedy Cash cashes the following types of checks:

  • 401K and IRA checks
  • Bank drafts
  • Benefit checks
  • Bonuses
  • Cashier’s check
  • Government checks
  • Insurance checks
  • Loans
  • Money orders
  • Payroll checks
  • Personal checks
  • Settlements
  • Stimulus checks
  • Student loan refund checks
  • Tax refunds
  • Unemployment checks

Find Speedy Cash check cashing near me

2. 24 Hour Check Cashing Near Me

When you need to cash a check after regular business hours, 24 hour check cashing services are a popular option for getting cash.  

Best place to cash checks 24 hours a day: PLS

PLS offers check cashing services for as low as 1% + $1, along with a variety of other convenient financial services. 

For example, PLS money orders make it easy to pay bills with no fee. You can also send money via Western Union or use your PLS account for direct deposit of your paychecks.

Find PLS store locations

3. Personal Check Cashing Near Me

If someone writes you a personal check to pay a bill or debt, it pays to find the cheapest option for cashing it. 

Best place to cash personal checks: Ace Cash Express

Ace Cash Express cashes a variety of checks, including personal checks. You can also use Ace Cash Express to cash:

  • Payroll checks
  • Business checks
  • Income tax refund checks
  • Government benefits checks
  • Insurance settlement checks
  • Money orders

You can also cash a large check with Ace Cash Express or apply for short-term installment loans. Check cashing fees vary by location. 

Find Ace Cash Express store locations

4. Payroll Check Cashing Near Me

Payroll check cashing services offer a convenient way to cash your paychecks without a bank account or after regular business hours. 

Best place to cash payroll checks: Check Into Cash

Check Into Cash cashes different check types, including both printed and handwritten payroll checks.

You can also send money orders, pay bills, buy prepaid debit cards or sell your unused gift cards for cash. Most Check Into Cash locations offer additional money services through Western Union. 

Find Check Into Cash store locations

5. Two-Party Check Cashing Places Near Me

A two-party check is a check that’s made out to two parties. So if you’re married, you may have a check that has your name and your spouse’s on it. 

That’s different from a third-party check, which is a check made out to someone else that’s written over to you. 

Best place to cash two-party checks: Check n Go

Check n Go offers check cashing services for two-party checks in selected states. 

You’ll need a driver’s license or a valid ID (i.e. government ID) to cash checks. Check n Go also cashes payroll checks, cashier’s checks and out-of-state checks. 

If you need to cash a money order, you can do that too. Check cashing fees vary from state to state. 

Find Check n Go store locations

6. Government Check Cashing Near Me

If you don’t have a bank account to receive government benefits, there are check cashing services that will cash government benefits checks. 

Best government check cashing: United Check Cashing

United Check Cashing cashes government and benefits checks, as well as tax refunds, rebate checks, payroll checks and insurance checks.

Check cashing for business is also available. Check cashing fees vary by location. 

Find United Check store locations

7. Walmart Check Cashing Near Me

Walmart is one of the best places for check cashing as well as other money services, including money transfers, bill payments and money orders. 

Check cashing limits vary by state, so whether you can cash a large check at a Walmart near you depends on where you live. Walmart cashes a variety of checks, including:

  • Payroll checks
  • Government checks
  • Tax refund checks
  • Cashier’s checks
  • Insurance settlement checks
  • Retirement account disbursement checks
  • Two-party checks

According to the Walmart website, “as long as it’s a pre-printed check, it’s likely we can cash it.” The only check types excluded are handwritten checks and personal checks. 

The max fee for checks up to $1,000 is $4. The max fee for checks over $1,000 is $8.

8. Grocery Stores That Cash Checks Near Me

Grocery stores can offer check cashing at the cash register. You may need to make a purchase or pay a fee to cash a check at a grocery store. 

Best grocery store to cash checks: Kroger

Kroger money services offers check cashing for a wide variety of checks, including:

  • Payroll checks
  • Government checks
  • Income tax refund checks
  • Insurance settlement checks
  • Child support checks
  • Business checks
  • Debit card cashing

Kroger accepts a wide range of valid ID types, including military ID and alien registration ID. 

Check cashing fees vary by store but a typical fee to cash a $1,000 check is $4.50. 

Find a Kroger store location

9. Gas Stations That Cash Checks Near Me

Gas stations and gas station travel centers can offer an unexpected option for cashing checks when you’re on the road or need to fill up. 

Best gas stations to cash checks: Pilot Flying J

Check cashing services are available at all Pilot Flying J gas station travel centers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

You can cash a check up to $999.99 for a fee. You can also check up to a $200 check free of charge when you purchase 25 gallons or more in gas. 

Find Pilot Flying J gas station travel centers

10. Stores That Cash Checks Near Me

Different retail stores, including convenience stores, liquor stores and drugstores, can offer check cashing services at the cash register. 

 You may need to pay a small fee or make a purchase to cash a check at retail stores. But it may be worth it for the convenience. 

Best retail stores to cash checks: 7-Eleven

7-Eleven offers money services, including check cashing, for a fee. You can load your check onto a prepaid debit Mastercard, then use it the way you would any other debit card. 

The Transact card does have a monthly fee. But you can earn money-saving rewards when you use your card to spend or pay bills. 

Find 7-Eleven store locations

Alternatives to Check Cashing Services

someone writing get cash now
Check Cashing Store Alternatives

1. Installment loans

Installment loans allow you to borrow money and pay it back in installments, with interest.

Online loans and installment loans offered by check cashing companies are typically designed for people who need to borrow without a credit check. That means they can carry higher fees and interest rates. 

2. Payday loans and title loans

Payday loans are an advance against your next paycheck. Title loans let you borrow money using your car title as collateral. 

While title loans and payday advances can put money in your hands fast, they’re usually not the best option since they can come with interest rates of up to 600%.

3. Cash advances

An express check advance from a credit card is a short-term loan you take from your credit limit. 

You can get a cash advance at an ATM or cash a convenience check from your credit card company. But cash advances can come with high fees and higher interest rates. 

4. Prepaid debit card

Instead of cashing a check, you could load it onto a prepaid debit card. 

There may be a fee to purchase the card or add money to it. But you could use the card to pay bills, make purchases or withdraw cash at ATM machines. 

5. Local credit union

A local credit union may be willing to cash a check for you without an account. There may be a small fee for check cashing services. 

6. Banks that cash checks without an account

Some banks will cash checks without an account. For example, you can cash checks at these banks in exchange for a fee:

  • Bank of America
  • BB&T
  • Citibank
  • Chase
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • KeyBank
  • PenFed Credit Union
  • PNC Bank
  • Regions Bank
  • SunTrust Bank
  • US Bank
  • TD Bank
  • Wells Fargo

Check cashing fees vary by bank. 

7. Ask a friend

You could sign a check over to a friend and ask them to deposit it into their bank account and give you the cash. 

Keep in mind that deposit transaction law rules govern when that deposit will clear. So it may be the next business day or later before your friend is able to give you the cash from the check. 

8. Check cashing app

Mobile apps are becoming a popular option for managing money, including cashing checks.

Ingo Money, for example, makes it easy to cash a check from your mobile device and load it to a prepaid debit card or PayPal account. 

You can also cash a check and use it to buy an Amazon gift card, pay bills or pick up cash at a MoneyGram location. Ingo Money mobile app is available on Google Play and the App Store. 

Check Cashing Near Me FAQs

personal check and a $100 bill

What do you need to cash a check?

If you’re cashing checks at check cashing places, including retail stores, gas stations or grocery stores, you’ll need the paper check and a copy of your ID.

The kind of ID that’s required can vary but typically, you’ll need a government-issued photo ID. So this could be a driver’s license, state ID card, alien registration card or passport. 

You’ll also need to sign the back of the check legibly cash it. And you may or may not be asked for your social security number. 

How can I cash a large check without a bank account?

To cash a large check without a bank account you can visit the issuing bank to see if they’ll cash the check for you. This may or may not require you to pay a check cashing fee. 

If the issuing bank isn’t an option, the next best place to cash a large check without a bank account may be local check cashing services. 

A local credit union is another option to try. This can sometimes be the cheapest option for cashing a variety of checks without a bank account.

How much does a check cashing service charge?

The average check cashing service charges a fee equal to between 1% and 12% of the check amount. So cashing a $1,000 check may cost you anywhere from $10 to $120.

Of course, cashing a check at your bank or local credit union costs nothing if you have an account. So that’s one reason to consider opening a bank account if you don’t have one yet. 

What is a disadvantage of using check cashing services?

A key disadvantage of using check cashing services is the cost. Paying fees, even a small fee, to cash checks can add up.

Say you cash your payroll checks every week with a check cashing service. Your check is $1,000, of which the check cashing store keeps $10.

Over the course of a year, that’s $520. And you could spend even more if you’re using a check cashing place that charges higher fees.

Final thoughts on best places to cash a check

When you need to cash a check fast, Googling “check cashing near me” can help you figure out where to go. 

Check cashing services can help meet your short-term financial needs. But don’t count out opening a bank account.

Banks can offer a variety of convenient financial services, from free check cashing to online bill payment to wire transfers to direct deposit. Some even offer help with credit counseling services. And the best banks charge low fees or no fees at all. 

If you’re looking for a new place to bank, consider CIT Bank

You can open a checking account and savings account online in minutes. If you need to deposit a check you can use mobile check deposit, direct deposit or mail in a paper check. 

There’s no hard credit check to apply. So past credit difficulties won’t necessarily keep you from getting an account. 

Don’t forget to take a peek at my favorite Smart Money Tools for making and saving money before you go!

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Best Places to Cash Checks With Low Fees

Check Cashing Near Me (Best Places to Cash Checks Now)

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