Where to Get a Money Order Near Me: 10 Best Places to Buy Money Orders

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Where Can I Get a Money Order Near Me?

Looking for a money order to make a payment? Learn the best places to buy money orders nearby!

Money orders can be a convenient way to make payments without a credit card. 

And you might rely on money orders if you don’t have a traditional bank account. 

While money orders might seem like an outdated way to pay when there are mobile wallets and payment apps, there are still some good reasons for using them. 

If you’ve never purchased a money order before and you need one now, you might have questions like:

  • How does a money order work?
  • What can I use a money order for?
  • How do I purchase a money order?
  • Where can I buy money orders near me?

Keep reading to get answers to those money order questions and more!

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What Is a Money Order and How Does a Money Order Work?

A money order is a paper form of payment that’s similar to a check but with some differences. 

Instead of being drawn against a bank account, money orders are prepaid with cash. So you don’t need a bank account to use money orders to make payments. 

Once you purchase a money order, you can use it to make payments or pay other people. 

Some examples of when you might use a money order to pay include:

  • Paying rent or utility bills
  • Buying a car from a private seller
  • Repaying money you borrowed from a friend
  • Putting down security deposits for rent, utilities or cellphone services
  • Paying speeding tickets if you have to go to traffic court
  • Paying federal or state taxes

There are lots of ways you can use a money order. But these are some of the most common scenarios where you might need one. 

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Why Use Money Orders to Pay?

There are several benefits to using money orders to make payments. 

  • Money orders are safer than cash. If a money order is lost or stolen, there are steps you can take to have it replaced. 
  • You’re not creating debt. Since you have to pay cash to purchase a money order, there’s no risk of creating debt to make a payment the way you might with a credit card. 
  • Money orders are convenient. If you don’t have a bank account to write checks from, you can easily find places to buy money orders locally or online. 
  • A money order offers privacy. When you write a check, your name, address and bank information are printed for the recipient to see. Using a money order instead can help keep banking details private. 
  • No bounced checks. Since you pay for a money order with cash, you don’t have to worry about overdrawing your bank account. And that means no overdraft fees!

How to Get a Money Order

Getting a money order is pretty easy. Here’s a quick rundown of how it works: 

  • First, find locations for “money orders near me”.
  • Choose a place to purchase your money order. 
  • Tell the issuer what amount the money order should be for.
  • Buy the money order using cash or a debit card. (Tip: You can’t write a check or use a credit card to buy a money order.)
  • Fill out the appropriate information on the money order.
  • Use it to make a payment. 

It’s really that simple. The most challenging part is figuring out where to get a money order when you need one. 

Where to Get a Money Order Near Me

where to get a money order near me

Where can I get a money order? 

Good question. 

The first thing to know is that only a few places produce money orders. Two of the most well-known are MoneyGram and Western Union. 

Depending on where you go to buy money orders, you might be buying one that’s issued by MoneyGram or Western Union. 

The second thing to know is that when it comes to where to get a money order, you’ve got more than one option to choose from. 

And it’s important to compare them to find the best places to buy money orders based on:

  • Convenience and how easy it is to buy money orders
  • Money order fees
  • Purchase limits

With that in mind, here are my top recommendations to try when searching for “cash money order near me”

Best Places to Buy a Money Order Near Me

1. Walmart

Walmart may be one of the easiest places to get a money order near you, depending on where you live. 

There are more than 4,700 Walmart stores across the U.S. so chances are there’s one fairly close by. You can buy money orders at the customer service desk or the Money Services Center, depending on your store. 

Where to get a money order near me:

  • Location: Walmart
  • Limit: $1,000 per money order (you can buy multiple money orders if you need more than $1,000)
  • Fee: $1 max fee, varies by location
  • Provider: MoneyGram

Note: Walmart also cashes money orders that were purchased at Walmart stores. You’ll need to bring a photo ID. 

2. 7-Eleven

7-Eleven has even more locations than Walmart if you need to buy money orders. 

Depending on where you live, your 7-Eleven may sell MoneyGram or Western Union money orders. There’s a $500 cap on the amount, regardless of which money order you buy. 

Where to get a money order near me:

  • Location: 7-Eleven stores
  • Limit: $500 per money order
  • Fee: 1% to 3% per money order, depending on location
  • Provider: MoneyGram or Western Union, depending on location

Note: While you can buy money orders at 7-Eleven, you can’t cash one there. 

3. CVS

CVS might be a pharmacy but it’s also a place you can turn to when you’re searching for where to get a money order. 

Since there are more than 9,000 CVS locations in the U.S, finding one close by may not be difficult. 

Where to get a money order near me:

  • Location: CVS
  • Limit: $500
  • Fee: $1.25
  • Provider: MoneyGram

4. Publix

I love grocery shopping at Publix but it’s also a good choice for finding a money order near you. 

Publix doesn’t have quite as many locations as some of the other options mentioned here for where to buy money orders. There are just over 1,200 stores to choose from. 

Where to get a money order near me:

  • Location: Publix
  • Limit: $500
  • Fee: $0.85
  • Provider: Western Union

Note: Publix sells, but does not cash, money orders at all stores except GreenWise Market locations

5. Meijer

If you live in the northern U.S., you might pop into your local Meijer to buy money orders. 

There are more than 240 stores, most of which are located in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. Like some of the other places to get a money order near me included here, they use Western Union money orders. 

Where to get a money order near me:

  • Location: Meijer
  • Limit: $500
  • Fee: $0.65
  • Provider: Western Union

6. Kroger

Kroger is my mother’s favorite place to grocery shop. If you love shopping there for great deals, you might be happy to know you can also buy money orders here. 

There are more than 2,700 Kroger locations across the U.S. so you may have one close to by to purchase money orders. 

Where to get a money order near me:

  • Location: Kroger
  • Limit: $500 to $1,000, depending on location
  • Fee: $0.70, may vary by location
  • Provider: Western Union

Note: Kroger also operates under different brand names in certain areas, including Dillon’s Fry’s and Fred Meyer. 

7. U.S. Postal Service

With tens of thousands of locations across the country, the U.S. Postal Service is another convenient option for buying money orders. 

The Postal Services issues its own money orders. So they look different compared to MoneyGram or Western Union money orders but you’ll still need to fill out the same information. 

Where to get a money order near me:

  • Location: U.S. Postal Service
  • Limit: $1,000
  • Fee: $1.30 to $1.75
  • Provider: USPS

Note: You can pay for USPS postal orders with cash, a debit card or traveler’s checks. 

8. Your local bank

If you have a bank account (or even if you don’t), a bank is an obvious choice for where to buy a money order. 

Banks can sell money orders, along with cashier’s checks and certified checks, though you’ll need a bank account for either of those options. 

Whether you can buy a money order at a local bank without having an account really depends on the bank. 

The fees you pay to buy money orders at a bank you don’t have accounts with can also vary. It could even be more expensive than one of the other money-order-near-me options included here, so be sure to check the fees first. 

9. Your local credit union

Credit unions are another place to check out for buying money orders. 

A credit union is an alternative to a bank. They can offer lower fees and better interest rates on savings accounts

One thing to know is that credit unions usually have membership requirements you have to meet to join. So you may or may not be able to buy a money order at a credit union near you, depending on the requirements. 

10. A local check cashing company

Check cashing companies cash checks but they can also sell money orders. Googling “check cashing services near me” will probably turn up a few results on where to go to buy money orders near you. 

The thing to know about check cashing services is that they can tack on a lot of fees. That’s how they make their money. 

So before using a check cashing service to buy a money order or cash a check, be clear on how much it’s going to cost. 

Money Order Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

where to get a money order near you

Money orders are a fairly straightforward way to pay. But in case you’re still not clear on how they work or where to get one, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about money orders. 

Can you buy a money order online?

Technically, you can’t buy a money order online. But you can send money online with money order services. 

MoneyGram and Western Union both allow you to send money online to pay people or businesses. 

You need a bank account to send money online and both MoneyGram and Western Union charge fees for this service. 

But if you need a way to send money fast, it’s a good alternative to being able to send a money order online. 

⇒Head here to send money online with MoneyGram!

⇒Or try Western Union to pay bills and send money instantly.

What if I lose a money order? 

Losing a money order can be a major headache. But there are some things you can do to get your money back from a money order that’s lost. 

You’ll need to contact the money order issuer first. You can ask the issuer to cancel a lost money order. 

This usually means filling out some paperwork and telling the issuer:

  • Where you bought the money order
  • The date you purchased the money order
  • The amount of the money order

If you have the receipt from when you bought the money order or a tracking number, you’ll want to include that as well. 

This can help speed up the cancellation process so you can get a refund or be reissued a replacement money order. You may have to pay a fee to cancel a lost money order. 

Keep in mind that every money order provider is different. So if you lose a money order, be sure to get in touch ASAP to find out what you can do to get your money back. 

Can you get your money back from a money order? 

If you buy a money order then change your mind about needing it, you may be wondering if you can get the cash back.

The answer is, it depends. 

If you purchased the money order but it hasn’t been cashed yet, the issuer may give you a refund. 

Similar to canceling a lost money order you may need to fill out paperwork and provide details about the money order. It’s also good to have a copy of your receipt showing when and where you purchased it. 

How long is a money order valid for? 

Since you’re buying a money order with cash, they don’t have expiration dates. 

As long as the money order isn’t damaged or altered, it can be cashed at any time. 

This is the rule money order issuers usually follow. But keep in mind that state laws might be different. 

Depending on where you live, there may be a deadline for cashing a money order. So if you’ve got an uncashed money order that you’ve had for a while, you may want to check your state’s rules to make sure it’s still good. 

How can I cash a money order?

Cashing a money order is similar to cashing a check. 

First, you’ll need to visit a location that cashes money orders. 

Depending on where you live, this could be the Post Office, a convenience store or a grocery store. 

You’ll need to show a photo ID to cash a money order that’s made out to you. And you’ll need to sign the money order as well. 

Keep in mind that money orders can only be cashed for the exact amount they were purchased for. And depending on where you decide to cash a money order, you might pay a fee to do so. 

where to get a money order near me

Know Where to Get a Money Order Near You

Money orders can be a convenient way to pay when you don’t want to write a check or use a credit card. They’re also a safe and private way to pay. 

This post should answer the question of where can I get a money order near me?

Do you have any tips on buying money orders? Head to the comments and tell me about it.

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Best Places to Buy Money Orders Now

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